Building multiple dwellings on a lot

Can I build multiple dwellings on my land?

Planning and building permits are required to develop land in a way that will result in two or more dwellings on a given parcel of land. This includes constructing a dwelling to the rear of an existing, or constructing two dwellings on a vacant parcel. 

It is important to keep in mind that although a permit can be granted, it does mean a permit will be necessarily granted in your case. Council must assess all the relevant information during the application process before a decision can be made. Council will determine whether the proposal will produce acceptable outcomes against the relevant clauses of the Frankston Planning Scheme. It is therefore not possible to advise whether an application will be supported before a decision is made.

How many dwellings can I get on my block?

You are advised to speak with your draftsperson, architect or planning consultant to get an indication of what may be possible as it depends on the design, the requirements of the planning scheme, open space and garden area requirements and how the design fits within the constraints of the land. Whether a particular design, including number of dwellings, is appropriate will be determined during the permit application process.

Do I need to engage a consultant to help with my application?

It Is strongly advised to engage a professional for a multi dwelling development. Engaging a draftsperson/architect or planning consultant to put together an application is beneficial given the complexities in navigating the various planning controls which may apply to the land, as well as the managing the application process with Council. A higher quality application will generally lead to faster processing times. It will also ensure a clear line of communication between the Council allocated planner should there be any issues raised with your submission.


How much does it cost to apply for a permit?

View the following fee schedules for more information: