Subdividing land

Can I subdivide my property or land I’m interested in buying?

A planning permit is required to subdivide land. It is important to keep in mind that although a permit can be granted, it does not mean a permit will be necessarily granted in your case.

There is no defined method to determine whether subdivision of land is possible upfront. Whether a particular parcel of land can be subdivided is ultimately determined by the planning permit application process. In assessing the application, Council will determine whether the proposal will produce acceptable outcomes against the relevant clauses of the Frankston Planning Scheme, including Clause 56 -Subdivision for subdivision in residential areas.

How do I find a Licensed Land Surveyor?

The Association of Consulting Surveyors is an autonomous body which represents private land surveying businesses throughout Victoria. To find a Land Surveyor you can utilise the ACSV search function on their website. Council is unable to recommend a Land Surveyor and must remain impartial as part of our duties in assessing your proposal.

How do I apply to subdivide land?

To prepare an application to subdivide land, you will need to engage a licensed surveyor.  

They can lodge the application on your behalf or recommend a private Town Planning professional to act on your behalf. Other relevant professionals may need to be engaged, such as engineers or arborists.

What are the fees for subdivision?

See our Planning services fee schedule for more information.