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We thank you all for your interest in Frankston City Council Events.

Applications for Frankston City Councils 2022 - 2023 event season are now closed. If you would like to be notified of future event opportunities and for the 2023 - 2024, join the database below.

Market stallholders will be notified when the market operators are confirmed and accepting applications for; the Mayor’s Family Picnic, Frankston's Christmas Festival of Lights and The Waterfront Festival.

Applications Currently Closed

Notification of Outcome
Applicants for the 2022 events will be notified of the outcome in August. Applicants for the 2023 events will be notified by mid-September 2022.

For upcoming event opportunities please register for our event supplier database below.

The 2023 - 2024 Frankston City Council Event Season Expressions of interest applications will open in June 2023. 

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The Season's Events Include:

  • The Mayor’s Family Picnic
  • Pets' Day Out
  • Frankston's Christmas Festival of Lights
  • The Waterfront Festival
  • The Big Picture Festival
  • Party in the Park
  • South Side Festival

For more information regarding any of the above events see Major Events.

For sponsorship opportunities see Frankston Events Sponsorship Opportunities

2022-2023 Event Season Further Information:

For any details on the 2022 – 2023 event season and the current fees and charges, please see the stakeholder information pack(PDF, 748KB) .

Selection Criteria

We get a number of applications for these events and as such, all applications will be assessed and ranked as part of our selection criteria.

Key Selection Criteria

  • Priority is given to suitable businesses based in the Frankston City Council municipality or surrounding municipalities.
  • Prior performance is taken into consideration if you have been involved in Frankston City Council events before.
  • Relevance and suitability to the event. A breakdown of each event requirements is below.
  • Benefit to and/or interactivity with the community at the event.
  • Distribution of opportunities across providers and provider types over the season and previous events.
  • (For food vendors) Food checker menu assessment. All vendors are required to submit a menu assessment to be eligible. Council is working towards Healthy Food choices at events. (more information below)
  • (For performers) Quality of performance or offering based on the web links provided. 

Council's Major Events

Access the event name for further information and application links 

The Mayor's Family Picnic

Event date: Saturday 17 September 2022

The Mayor's Family Picnic is our much loved picnic day with activities to suit every demographic. The 2022 event has been adapted to include a Citizenship Ceremony.  With market stalls, relaxed music from local performers for the adults, activities and games for the kids and delicious foods for everyone, you won't want to miss The Mayor's Family Picnic in 2022. 

Application Categories:

This event is seeking beverage and snack stalls, food vendors, market stalls, community stallholders, commercial exhibitors, performers and activity providers.

Additional Considerations

  • Market stall applications will be managed through an external provider and details will be provided at a later date. Market stall operators registered in the database will be informed when applications open. 

Pets’ Day Out

Event date: Sunday 9 October 2022

Location: Ballam Park, Frankston

Pets’ Day Out is a fun day out for the family to educate the community on responsible pet ownership, watch demonstrations and to find more information and purchase pet related products and services.

Application Categories:

This event is seeking beverage and snack stalls, food vendors, pet related market stalls, community stallholders, commercial exhibitors, demonstrators, acoustic performers and activity providers. 

Frankston's Christmas Festival of Lights

Event date: Saturday 26 November 2022

Location: Davey Street and surrounds

Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights is a celebration of the magic of Christmas and a chance for family and friends to welcome in the festive season.

Application Categories:

This event is seeking beverage and snack stalls, food vendors, stage and roving performers, activity providers, commercial exhibitors and community stallholders.

Additional Considerations: 

  • Market stalls applications will be managed externally by Little Beauty Market and therefore for you should not apply here, but rather directly with the market operator.
  • Performers are to be musical acts that are suited to playing on the main stage. Christmas carols need to make up the majority of musical material.

The Waterfront Festival

Event dates: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February 2023 

Location: Frankston Foreshore

The Waterfront Festival is a chance to celebrate Frankston’s picturesque waterfront, creating interactive and memorable experiences showcasing the region’s best music, arts, culture, fine wine, brews, food and entertainment.

A variety of precincts make up the festival including, food, activities, beach, markets, rides and the Ventana Fiesta precinct.

Application Categories:

This event is seeking beverage and snack stalls, food vendors, liquor vendors, stage and roving performers, activity providers, commercial exhibitors, community stalls and market stallholders for our Ventana Fiesta precinct only.

Additional Considerations:

  • Market stall applications will be managed through an external provider and details will be provided at a later date. Market stall operators registered in the database will be informed when applications open. 

Party in the Park

Event dates: Sunday 16 April 2023 

Location: Cruden Farm, Langwarrin

Party in the Park is a fun day out for the family full of a range of activities and entertainment for children. Families are welcome to enjoy a picnic in the stunning surrounds of Cruden Farm. We encourage everyone who exhibits on the day to have activities for children.

Application Categories: 

This event is seeking a limited number of food and beverage and snack vendors, stage and roving performers, activity providers, commercial exhibitors, community stalls and market stallholders

Additional Considerations: 

  • We are looking for performers that are suited to children under 12 and will work well performing in an interactive children’s arena or suitable roving entertainment.
  • As this is a low cost event there will be limited opportunities market stallholders those who have a direct relevance to child related products or services will rate highly.
  • Commercial exhibitors and community groups will be welcomed but are required to have a direct relevance to child related products or services.
  • This event does have some food and beverage opportunities.
  • All stalls at this event are required to provide a children’s activity with a strong focus on family entertainment, particularly the pre-school and primary school age demographic. 

South Side Festival

Expressions of interest are currently closed for South Side Festival 2023. For more information and future application rounds visit the following page.

Learn more about South Side Festival


Community Fundraiser Ballot Application

Each event season Frankston City aims to allow community and not for profit groups apply for an opportunity to fundraise at one of the season events. In 2022 – 2023 there was opportunities to enter a BBQ, Candle and/or Cheer Toastie Truck ballot, to participate in a fundraising opportunity at one of our events. For further information see the community fundraiser ballot information pack(PDF, 933KB).

Applications for this event season are now closed. If you have an idea for community groups to fundraise at a Frankston City Council event please do let us know.

Please note: This ballot is an expression of interest at this point in time. As the timings and format of the event are being determined. Officers will work with the successful applicant to how this can best fit in with the event when final decisions are made. Please refer to the Community Fundraiser Ballot Information Pack for further information.

Policies to adhere to

The Waste Wise Events and Healthy Choices Policies are now applicable to all Council run major events. 

Waste Wise Events Policy

Frankston City Council has adopted a Waste Wise Events Policy to help minimise waste and litter at our events. We can all reduce waste and litter by avoiding single use items (including all plastic bags, polystyrene food and beverage packaging) and balloons. 

Healthy Choices Policy

Council is committed to enabling a healthy municipality where people thrive and have the best opportunity to make healthy food and beverage choices. The Healthy Choices Policy introduces a Council-wide healthy choices food and beverage standard to increase supply of healthier options at all Council settings, services, and programs. This includes all Council run major events where food and beverages are sold with the intention to be reasonably consumed on the event site. 

All exhibitors selling food and beverages are required to submit a FoodChecker menu assessment, from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) website. The PDF document provided from the menu assessment will provide you with a percentage of green, amber and red items, which will need to be added into the application. The expression of interest will only be considered for food and beverage exhibitors if a completed assessment is submitted.

If you require assistance or have any queries on completing the FoodChecker assessment, support is available through Peninsula Health, please email via

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in my site fee?

  • Site size as per chosen at application
  • Power (if requested and can be accommodated). Power is unavailable at Pet’s Day out. Requests for power at Party in the Park and The Mayor’s Family Picnic may not be accommodated
  • Cardboard skips and rubbish disposal units/facilities (short walk from site)
  • Event facilities including security, traffic management, bathrooms and hydration station
  • Liquor Vendors have a cool room included into the site fee.

What is not included in my site fee?

  • Marquee, infrastructure or equipment (unless specified)
  • Staff or stock
  • Rubbish collection from your stall, this must be taken to the skips provided
  • Car Parking
  • Water supply and hand washing facilities

Presentation, Products and Price

We expect that all sites and staff are presented in a tidy, professional manner with clear signage indicating the cost of products. Whilst the management does not set prices, there is an expectation participants will strive to provide value for money to all event patrons. Council reserves the right to request exhibitors refrain from including certain items to be sold at the event.

Healthy Choices Policy and Waste Wise Events Policy

All exhibitors will need to comply with the Healthy Choices and Waste Wise events policies. For more information please read our Polices to adhere to section on this page.

Site Fees and Bonds

Site fees and bonds may be required for your site. If you are required to pay a site fee or a refundable bond you will be notified of this upon notification of acceptance for the event/s. This bond is refundable provided you have left your site in a presentable manner and no damage was caused.

Food Safety Requirements

Exhibitors selling edible items must comply with the Health Department regulation - this includes registering with a Statement of Trade. An Environmental Health Officer may be onsite checking all health regulations including waste management and recycling procedures are being adhered to.


There is no commercial water supply for the events. All necessary water must be brought to the event and taken from the event, this includes a hand wash basin with sanitiser separate to any food preparation area. A hydration station for drink bottle refills will be available.

Waste water/ Sullage is not to be disposed of at the event site. Please ensure you bring adequate storage containers for your waste water with you.

Fire Safety

Total fire ban and fire danger period permits will be required for all exhibitors with an open flame if vending within a total fire ban period. Please visit the CFA’s website for more information and to apply.

Exhibitors are required to have a mounted fire extinguisher (please ensure size and type is suitable) and blanket (1.8mx1.2m commercial model) at the event. Please ensure that this equipment is compliant.

Gas Supply

Please refer to Energy Safe Victoria for the Code of Practice for the Safe use of LPG’s at public events in Victoria. Any exhibitor using gas at the event must complete the Gas Safety Checklist on the day of the event and have it available for our Safety Officer to view upon request.

Safety checks will be completed on the event day to verify certificates of compliances and that all gas is stored correctly.


Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights and The Waterfront Festival exhibitors must supply their own lighting for evening trade.

Performers, Activity and Demonstration Providers

Call time at Stage/Demonstration Area

You will be provided with a call time, this is when you are required to be present at the stage for your performance or demonstration. Failure to present at this time may result in your slot being reallocated to another performer.

Performance Adjustments

Frankston City Council reserves the right to make adjustments to performance times and set lengths as per the requirements of the event. If this is to occur, affected performers will be notified as soon as possible.

Technical Requirements

A standard vocal audio setup will be supplied at each event during the changeover period. Any other requests should be listed when applicable during the application process, or by consulting your Frankston City Council contact.  Backing track requirements must be discussed prior to the event to ensure the equipment is available.  Our contractors will also provide technical support.
When requested you will also need to provide a stage plan you will use for your performance.

What is provided?

A backstage green room area will be provided to all involved in performances and demonstrations.
Bottled water will also be available in addition to the public-use hydration station. We strongly encourage everyone to provide their own re-useable drink bottle. If you require anything outside of this please consult your Frankston City Council contact upon confirmation of involvement. Unless previously agreed to in writing we will not accommodate riders.

Language and Behavior

All event are family-friendly; as a result, all programmed content needs to be suitable for all persons onsite. All music, lyrics and content is required to be appropriate for a family-friendly audience at all times.