Nature play in Council reserves

Nature play guidelines

Draft guidelines have been developed in response to a growing demand for available nature play spaces where early child educators can safely and responsibly allow children to engage in nature play as part of their formal education.

Throughout the municipality, Frankston City manages a network of Parks and open space providing residents with a variety of recreational and educational opportunities.

It can be challenging to balance competing uses by community members, since some activities may result in unacceptable environmental or horticultural damage that clash with authorised activities by other members of the public or programmed management works.

These guidelines are intended to address these issues and provide a framework within which to conduct appropriate environmental activities.

The draft guidelines are available to view here Draft Guidelines for Nature Play in Council Reserves(PDF, 4MB), and any feedback can be sent via e-mail to the Environmental Policy and Planning Team at

Feedback is open May 25 – June 25, 2023.