Guidelines for commercial health and fitness providers

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Council has adopted regionally developed principles that will guide Council's management of the use of Council’s Parks and Reserves by commercial health and fitness groups. This system aims to manage these activities in a manner that balances industry needs, supports safe, physical wellbeing activities, provides protection of natural assets and maintains community access and amenity.

Please note that all activities on the foreshore fall under our ‘Do It Outdoors Destinations’ (previously referred to as CAPOS – Commercial Activities in Public Open Spaces) – further information can be found here: Do it Outdoors.

Frankston City Council encourages participation in a safe, supervised health and fitness activities that enhance physical and social wellbeing within the local community.

Council's Local Laws requires commercial health and fitness providers to acquire a permit before undertaking these activities.

The terms of use will ensure that social, cultural and environmental impacts are minimised and that activities will only be in appropriate designated areas.

Key Principles of the guidelines:

  • Applications will only be taken from trainers who have appropriate insurance cover
  • Groups will not exceed 15 participants
  • Conduct must not be aggressive or intimidating
  • Noise cannot disturb the "quiet enjoyment" of other users or residents
  • Signage will not be permitted
  • There must be no damage or obstruction to any assets
  • Training activities will be relocated if they are to interfere with any FCC Staff or FCC Contractors completing Operational/Maintenance works or Capital Works Projects
  • Any equipment used must be portable by an individual by hand
  • Permits are none transferable between to any other person or business, it being clearly understood that the permit is issued to a particular person and/ or business

Fees will balance the commercial nature of the activity with the community health benefits. The fee structure aims to recover direct costs to assist in the effective management of the use of public open space.


An annual fee of $25 is payable prior to issuing the permit. A separate fee structure is applicable for use of the foreshore reserve as part of the separate EOI and Application Process for use of these particular open spaces.

How to Apply

Submission of an application form does not constitute approval for the request. Please review the Terms & Conditions above before commencing your application.

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