Smart Parking Trial


Frankston City Council is trialing Smart Parking to make parking easier and more convenient. 

Following an increase in residents and visitors driving to Frankston City every year, we are committed to decreasing congestion while also providing quality parking for both visitors and residents.  

We first announced Smart Parking in the Council Plan 2022-2025 following public consultation which called for more efficient and easier parking solutions in our city.  

Download the Parking at Frankston app on both Android and iOS.

What is Smart Parking and what are its benefits?

Smart Parking uses technology to find out which parking spaces are occupied or available. In a nutshell, it is used to:  

  • help drivers locate the closest parking spot to their destination
  • allow for secure, cashless and contactless payment of parking
  • reduce traffic congestion in high-traffic areas
  • minimize parking over-stays, giving fairer access to parking
  • relay parking information to parking officials
  • gather data to help Council make informed decisions about parking  

Simply put, smart parking is a more efficient way to park because it optimizes space and time in a busy urban environment.  

Environmental benefits are plentiful because smart parking technology has been proven to reduce travel by up to 10% as it also contributes to fuel economy and reduces traffic which helps reduce climate change. 

What is the Smart Parking Trial in Frankston City and when does it end?

We have an initial 3-year trial to test the use of Smart Parking technology begins on 15 August, with the possibility of extension.  

In this project, we will test the impact of real-time driver guidance and evaluate the benefits of smart parking availability to assess the impact on travel times, congestion, the performance of around 500 in-ground sensors and the overall driver experience.   

We first announced Smart Parking in the Council Plan and Budget 2022-2026 following public consultation which called for more efficient and easier parking solutions in our City.  

Each year, we revisit the Council Plan and Budget to test our thinking and ensure we are getting the balance right when delivering essential services such as car parking. 

Please note: Any data collected on parking events will not identify individuals.

How does Smart Parking work?

Frankston has installed around 500 in-ground sensors in high-traffic areas to detect when vehicles arrive in a parking bay. This data is transmitted using technology networks and is displayed on the Smart Parking cloud platform.

The information is shared on a public map, showing the real-time status of parking bays.  

How can I use Smart Parking?

There are two ways to reap the benefits of Smart Parking by downloading apps available on both Android and iOS.  

To pay: You can download the Strada Mobile app, a free user-friendly app that allows motorists to make contactless payment for parking. All payments made using this platform are highly secure and allow for users to register their vehicle’s registration number plate (more than one car can be registered). The app also allows drivers to get a reminder when paid parking sessions are about to expire. Furthermore, the app offers a history of parking transactions, reducing the need for paper receipts.  

To locate a parking spot: The Guidance app (Parking at Frankston) available on both Android and iOS contains a raft of features designed to help drivers find available parking spaces and advise of conditions. 

Digital signs: We have installed 5 digital signs displaying real-time data on what parking spots are available to direct drivers to those spaces, saving them time when trying to locate a parking spot. The spots are located in the following areas:  

  • Playne Street (Eastbound traffic) between Nepean Highway and Thompson Street 
  • Wells Street (Eastbound traffic) between Nepean Highway and Thompson Street 
  • Playne Street Carpark entrance (Northbound traffic) Young Street, between Davey Street and Payne Street 
  • Young Street (Southwest bound traffic) Young Street East Carpark 
  • Playne Street (Westbound) Approaching Playne Street and Young Street, roundabout from Fletcher and Cranbourne Road 

Without the app: Ticket machines are still available for those who do not wish to use Smart Parking. In such cases, there will be no changes to the driving experience as before the trial began.   

Whether you use the ticket machine or the Smart Parking app to pay for parking, you will no longer need a ticket to display on your car. 

Does Smart Parking mean that I will pay more for my parking?

No. The cost of parking at bays remains the same as before the Smart Parking Trial began, however those who use the mobile app will pay 50 cents per transaction on top of parking fees to cover service costs for the contactless transaction.   

The Strada Mobile app and Guidance app (Parking at Frankston) cost nothing to download. Those who don’t wish to use these apps can continue parking as they normally do without enjoying the Smart Parking experience. 

Where is Smart Parking available?

Smart Parking is available in the following areas:  

  • Wells Street: From Nepean Highway to Young Street
  • Playne Street: From Nepean Highway to Young Street
  • Young Street: From Wells Street to Playne Street
  • Thompson Street: Between Wells Street and Playne Street
  • Young Street East Car Park
  • Playne Street Car Park