Protecting our heritage


We recognise the value of our heritage and the significant contribution it makes to our community.

There are more than 70 heritage listed properties in Frankston city, each contributing to the character and identity of our streets and neighbourhoods. Places of heritage significance are important, as they link us to the past and tell the story of our city.

As Frankston continues to grow, protecting the heritage of our city is an essential part of our planning work. To ensure places of heritage significance are conserved or enhanced, they may be protected by a Heritage Overlay. This may include buildings, trees or objects.

The sites may have historical, architectural, social, cultural, or scientific significance.

Watch our Frankston Heritage Videos to learn more about our city’s heritage.

What is a Heritage Overlay?

A Heritage Overlay (HO) is applied to any heritage place, building, tree or object that has been formally recognised on the Victorian Heritage Register or identified in local heritage studies.

Specific heritage planning controls apply to individual sites and areas with identified heritage significance. Details are outlined in the Frankston Planning Scheme at the Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay.

All heritage places, whether they are individual places, buildings, trees or objects, are listed in the Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay and are given a reference number, for example 'HO20'.

What is the purpose of a Heritage Overlay?

The purpose of a Heritage Overlay is to:

  • Conserve and enhance heritage places of natural or cultural significance.
  • Conserve and enhance those elements which contribute to the significance of heritage places.
  • Ensure that development does not adversely affect the significance of heritage places.
  • Conserve specifically identified heritage places by allowing a use that would otherwise be prohibited if this will demonstrably assist with the conservation of the significance of the heritage place.

Do I need a permit to change a heritage place?

If a property is located within a Heritage Overlay, you may need a planning permit to:

  • Subdivide the land.
  • Demolish or remove a building.
  • Construct a building or construct or carry out works.
  • Externally alter a building.
  • Externally paint the building (if the schedule specifies external paint controls apply).
  • Externally paint an unpainted surface.
  • Internally paint (if the schedule specifies the heritage place as one where internal alteration controls apply)
  • Display a sign.
  • Carry out works, repairs and routine maintenance which change the appearance of a heritage place or which are not undertaken to the same details, specification and materials.
  • Install domestic services normal to a dwelling if the services are visible from the street (other than a lane) or public park.
  • Install solar energy facility attached to a building that primarily services the land on which it is situated if the services are visible from a street (other than a lane) or public park.
  • Install a rainwater tank if the rainwater tank is visible from a street (other than a lane) or public park.
  • Remove, destroy, or lop a tree (if the schedule to this overlay specifies the heritage place as one where tree controls apple).

Visit our planning permits page for more information.

What is the Victorian Heritage Register?

The Victorian Heritage Register is a State Government register that includes Sites of State Significance.

The Register is administered by the Heritage Act 1995 (Vic) and maintained by Heritage Council Victoria.

If a building is on the Victorian Heritage Register, it will be covered by an individual Heritage Overlay. The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay will show that the building or site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Some properties listed in the Register may not need planning permit.

We recommend contacting our Statutory Planning Department on 1300 322 322 to find out if you need a planning permit.

Visit Heritage Council Victoria for more information.