Gambling and reforms

Frankston City has 514 electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in nine gaming venues.  In 2016-17, $170,981 was lost each day on pokies within the Frankston City community, totalling $62,408,099 over the course of the year.

Council acknowledges the economic and recreational functions of all forms of gambling but recognises that a comparatively small but significant number of people gamble excessively and experience personal, family and financial problems. Council’s overall goal and long-term commitment is to reduce the negative impacts of the use of EGMs on the Frankston City community. Council is committed to minimising risk and harm from problem gambling through:

  • Strategic and community planning processes
  • Representation of community interests to the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation
  • Community capacity building
  • Long term advocacy for gambling industry reform and accountability
  • Support of community services for those who experience gambling related

For more information please review Frankston City Council’s Local Gaming Policy

  • Frankston City Council's Gambling Policy


Frankston City Council is a member of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, a collaboration of organisations campaigning for reforms to the gambling industry to reduce the harm it causes.


The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation work to provide information and research on the risks of gambling and provide support to those who need it. For more information please the followings website:

Support Services

Gambler’s Help provides counselling for the person who gambles and for people who are affected by someone else’s gambling.