Forms, fact sheets and checklists

View forms, fact sheets and checklists relating to the building permit process.

Apply for a building permit

Visit our Do I need a building permit? page to find out if you need a permit.

You can submit your application by email, mail or in person.

Building applications

Adjoining owners comment form

You may need to get approval from your neighbours before carrying out building works. Visit our request building information page if you need to locate adjoining owner contact details.

Asset Protection

You may need to apply for asset protection if your building work is likely to impact public infrastructure.

Visit our asset protection page for more information.

Build Over Easement Consent (Council)

Build Over Easement Consent is required when proposing to construct on an easement with a drainage pipe or vested rights by Council's Infrastructure Department.

Visit our building over an easement page for more information.

Build Over Easement Consent (Sewerage Authority)

Build Over Easement Consent is required when proposing to construct on or near an easement with a sewerage asset or vested rights by South East Water (SEWL).

Visit the South East Water website or our Planning page for more information.

Bushfire Attack Level Assessment Report

For building permit applications where the property is within a Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) that requires an assessment on the vegetation surrounding the proposed building/structure to determine what bushfire protection measures may be required.

Request a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment Report.

Legal Point of Discharge

Legal Point of Discharge is the point to which all internal drainage is to be directed and/or connected to Council's drainage network from the property.

Visit our Infrastructure permits page for more information. 

Precaution Work

If your proposed building work is close to your neighbours' property, you may need to carry out protective work to ensure nearby properties are safe.

Visit our protecting nearby properties page to obtain a Protection Works Notice form. 

Septic tanks

Frankston City Council has a number of unsewered rural, residential and commercial properties. When considering the purchase of a block of land you should first contact South East Water on 131 694 to find out whether sewer is available.

Visit our septic tanks page for more information.

Soil Type Bore Log Test Declaration

Foundation Soil Type Bore Log Test Declaration Builders and Owners may verify the type of existing ground foundation present onsite for some small structures - fences, garages, verandahs and generally additions up to 20m2 instead of a recommended Soil Report from a Geotechnical Engineer as determined by the Building Surveyor.

Building fact sheets

Swimming pools and spas

Visit our safety laws for pools and spas page for more information.


Guidelines for the safe use, maintenance and inspection of balconies are provided by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Basketball Rings

Guidelines for safe installation and information relating to basketball rings are provided by the Victorian Building Authority.

Corner and Front Fences

The checklists below include information on corner and front fences.. For more information, visit our Fences page.

Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Design Guides

Council has developed a set of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) Design Guides for people interested in improving the environmental sustainability of their Buildings. Visit our Ecologically Sustainable Development Design Guides page for more information.

Essential Safety Measures
An Annual ESM Report (Essential Safety Measures) is to be completed by the owner each year to confirm that appropriate maintenance is carried out on applicable fire services, fire construction, egress and exits. Visit our Essential Safety Measures page for more information.

Amend or extend a building permit

Your building permit will include information on when your work needs to commence and be completed. If you are unsure, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website has a list of timeframes and required completion dates for different types of work.

Visit our amend or extend a building permit page to request a variation.