Foreshore parking permits


Foreshore parking permits allow you to park free in the identified foreshore car parks in Frankston and Seaford. There are two different types:  

  • ratepayer permit 
  • tenant permit.  

Updated process for ratepayers

Permits will no longer be sent out with your annual rates notice and will now need to apply for a foreshore parking permit for record keeping purposes. Ratepayers can register online by entering their name and address to have the permit(s) posted or register in person to receive their permit(s) on the spot. 

Please note that commercial ratepayers are not eligible for this permit.


To be eligible to receive a foreshore parking permit, you must be the ratepayer of a residential property or the tenant of a residential property.

Please note that permits are valid for cars only. Boats, buses, trailers, trucks, caravans or motorcycles are not considered applicable vehicles.

Tenants applying for a foreshore parking permit must also produce evidence of residency such as:

  • a current drivers licence
  • utility bill (not a mobile phone) 
  • residential lease agreement.

Foreshore parking locations

Permit holders can park for free at the following foreshore locations in Frankston City:


Waterfront North and South car parks

Pier Promenade, Frankston (Melway Ref: 102 B3)


Waterfront No.2

(opposite Fernery Lane)

Nepean Highway (Melway Ref: 102 B4)


Nepean Highway

(beachside parallel parking that runs along Nepean Highway between Oliver’s Hill and Pier Promenade)

Nepean Highway, Frankston (Melway Ref: 102 A4 to 102 B4)


Frankston Life Saving Club car park

Wells St, Frankston (Melway Ref: 100A B6)


Frankston Yacht Club Car Park & Long Island Drive

(2 hour limit)

Frankston (Melway Ref: 100A A8)


Seaford Life Saving Club

Seaford (Melway Ref: 99 D3)


Keast Park

Seaford (Melway Ref: 97 D10)


View all Foreshore Parking Permit Locations(PDF, 1MB)

Please take note of parking signs as time limits still apply. Foreshore parking permits are not valid in other areas or parking zones around Frankston City. Holding a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

Displaying your permit

The parking permit must be:

  • displayed inside the vehicle on the bottom corner of the passenger side of the front windscreen
  • clearly visible from outside.

Fines incurred as a result of failing to display a permit correctly will not be withdrawn.

Permits are not transferrable to other people or vehicles. If you are changing over your car, please contact us.

Download the Foreshore Parking Permit Guidelines(PDF, 2MB) for more information.

Lost or replacement permits

Replacement permit

We will provide a replacement permit free of charge if you need to replace your permit for a genuine reason, such as:

  • a windscreen replacement
  • purchase of a new vehicle.

You will need to give documentation supporting the reason for replacement by:

  • uploading it online and having the replacement permit mailed to you or
  • in person at any of our customer service centres where we can provide your replacement on the spot.

Apply for a replacement parking permit

Lost permit

If you have misplaced your permit or cannot provide documentation to support a genuine need for replacement, you will need to pay a ‘lost permit’ fee of $61 to have the permit replaced. This can be applied for by:

  • applying online and having the replacement permit mailed to you or
  • in person at any of our customer service centres where we can provide your replacement on the spot.

Purchase a replacement permit

More information

Find answers to common questions about foreshore parking permits. 

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