Overport Park Master Plan

Overport Park


Overport Park is highly valued by the community for its natural character and number of recreational uses. The Overport Park Master Plan directs improvements to the reserve’s recreational functionality for all park users, while protecting and enhancing the character of the park and the integrity of the public greenspace.

The Master Plan was formally adopted by Council on 29 March 2021 following three rounds of community consultation.

Drainage Improvement & New Footpaths
Drainage improvement works, including the new footpath connection between the sporting pavilion, the second oval and the cricket nets is now completed. The temporary fencing surrounding the reinstated grassed nature strip will shortly be removed.  

New Bike Path
The new bike path, which was originally scheduled to commence in July, is now anticipated to begin later in the year, following a delay in the procurement of services. More information, including the timing of works, will be shared following the conclusion of the procurement process.  

Current Facilities

  • Two District level ovals (and supporting facilities) and redeveloped pavilion, including public toilets.
  • Four lane cricket practice nets.
  • Fourteen tennis courts and pavilion.
  • District level playground.
  • Peninsula Arts Society / Frankston Theatre Group building.
  • Peninsula Light Operatic Society Building.
  • Walking trails.
  • Informal open space.
  • Car parking.

Drainage Improvement and new footpath

A new pathway connection will be created between the sporting pavilion, the second oval and the cricket nets. This path will allow for the future pathway extension to the Peninsula Arts Society building and car park, and will provide equitable access for all park users and abilities. These works will assist with drainage improvements and pathway connections to and from the sporting pavilion.  


New Bike Park

In line with the Master Plan, the informal bike jump site will be upgraded into a bike park. The Trail Collective were engaged by Council to listen and consult with bike users and design the new bike track.

During the initial round of consultation, a large number of children and young people indicated this was their favourite area in the park and many of them enjoyed the sense of freedom it provides.

There will be three levels to enable riders of all abilities to enjoy the track:

  • Beginner jump section and pump track (green line) 
  • Intermediate jump section (orange line)
  • Advanced jump section (black line)

Other community facilities planned within this location include shelters, picnic setting, litter bins and drinking water. 


Further Planned Improvements

Sweetwater Creek Pedestrian Connection

The existing pedestrian path leading to the bridge crossing over Sweetwater Creek is currently very steep and slippery when wet. 

Council will undertake a detailed design to provide safe pedestrian access along Sweetwater Creek. The alignment of the path and the possibility of installing steps for safe access will be explored. 

This work is scheduled for 2023/24 (pending Annual Council Budget approval).


Additional Pathing and Network Connect Upgrade

Plans are underway to upgrade existing paths with granitic gravel to provide an even surface, create walking or running loops and provide equitable access for all park users. 

The pathway network will be formed: 

  • Alongside the western edge of the tennis courts, making use of the court lighting to provide a lit path and connected around the area of open space back to the car park 
  • Around oval 2, connecting to the existing path at the northern end 
  • Around the ‘Top Paddock’ 
  • Around the lower informal open space area 

This work is scheduled for 2023/24 (pending Annual Council Budget approval).

Park Furniture

To complement the pathways, bench seats will provide resting areas for less able bodied members of our community. There will also be bench seats in the informal open spaces to allow for people to gather and sit together.

Other additions include:

  • Drinking fountains, with dog bubblers at various points throughout the park. 
  • Litter bins in areas where people are likely to congregate, such as the sporting precinct, the informal open space areas and the upgraded former homestead site. 
  • Gathering spaces with shelter and picnic settings in the top paddock, and the proposed bike park, as well as the former homestead site where a barbecue is also proposed. 

We will ensure all furniture is DDA compliant, for example barbecues can be accessed by those in a wheelchair, picnic settings that allow wheelchairs and bench seats with back and arm rests.

This work is scheduled for 2023/24 (pending Annual Council Budget approval).

More information

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this project, please contact Council by: