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Frankston City is an ideal place for filming and photography, with sweeping bay views, attractive foreshores, parks and gardens.

We process many filming and photography requests for activity on Council owned or managed land each year and we are committed to helping applicants through this process. In order to ensure the activity is carried out safely and to confirm no other bookings for the particular location are in place, we require all filming and photography requests to come through an application process.

There are several variants to filming and photography applications, defined below.

Low Impact Filming and Photography

The activity is classified as low impact filming and photography when:

  • The activity has six people or less, including all cast and crew
  • There are no more than one camera, one tripod and handheld sound recording equipment
  • No public pathways, footpaths or roads are blocked
  • There is no disruption to stakeholders (including traders, businesses and residents) or motorists
  • There is no drone in use
  • No vehicles access required to locations other than a road or carpark; for example a park, reserve or where bollards would need to be removed.

If you comply with all of these elements, then your activity can be classified as low impact.

To apply for a low impact filming and photography application please apply here.

Drone Filming and Photography

Frankston City Council’s Community Local Law 2020 states:

2.11 Drones, Model Aircraft, Boats and Cars

Subject to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998, a person must not fly or operate a drone, model aircraft, remote control boat or remote control car in a manner which may cause or be likely to cause injury or discomfort to a person being on or in the vicinity of the location where the drone, model aircraft, remote control boat or remote control car is flown or operated.

Further to this, when you are using a drone for recreational or commercial purposes there are some standard rules outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, this is summarised in the video below.


In addition to these rules, commercial operators of a drone or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are required to obtain permission from the landowner before operating.

When the land is owned or managed by Frankston City Council (including Crown land) an application is required in order to obtain consent for your drone operation.

A commercial operator is someone who is using the filming or photography from a drone for the purposes of commercial gain.

As part of the filming/photography application process in order to obtain land owner consent, you will need to submit:

  • A copy of the Remote Pilot License (RePL) of all drone operators
  • A copy of the RPA operator’s Certificate (ReOC)
  • A copy of the operator’s public liability insurance (minimum $20 million cover)
  • Map of the flight path, noting the operators location and drone launching site
  • Risk management plan, including risks specific to the location
  • If the drone is flying over private land as well as Council owned or managed land a copy of permission from the landowner is also required

To apply for a drone filming and photography application please apply here.

Note: If your filming also includes standard cameras as well as a drone, you only need to apply via the drone filming and photography application form.

If there is a drone flying over your property or where you believe it is unsafe, please call the Victoria Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or lodge your report online

Standard Filming and Photography

If your activity does not qualify as low impact or does not use a drone, then you will need to apply for a standard filming and photography application. 

To apply for a standard filming and photography application please apply here.


Submission of a photography application form does not constitute approval for the request. The Events team will be in contact with you shortly after you have submitted your application form as the internal and sometimes-external stakeholders review your application and provide feedback or further requests.

All requests should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the activity commencing. This ensures there is enough time for you to respond to any follow up questions or requests.

Applications submitted seven days or sooner to the activity commencing will be subject to a late fee.

Fees and Charges

As part of Council’s Relief and Recovery Package to support COVID-19 recovery initiatives, all fees and charges for filming and photography have been waived from Wednesday 1 July 2020 – Wednesday 30 June 2021. After this time, fees will be reinstated.

Other Resources

The Australian Screen Sector Task Force have developed COVID-Safe Guidelines to support the screen production industry during this time. For more information on these guidelines, please visit their website

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