Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP)  was developed by the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC). The plan recognises the inevitability of economic and social effects of emergencies including:

  • loss of life
  • destruction of property  
  • displacement of individuals and communities. 

The aim of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) is to detail the agreed arrangements to plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies that could occur in Frankston City as identified in Part 4 of the Emergency Management Act 1986 (Vic).

Download the MEMP(PDF, 4MB).

Plan objectives

The broad objectives of this MEMP are to:

  • Identify and evaluate hazards and implement measures to mitigate the impact and effects of emergencies, using emergency risk management principles and processes.
  • Manage arrangements for requesting and using municipal resources in response to emergencies. 
  • Manage the process for resource supplementation when resources within the municipality are exhausted. 
  • Assist the affected communities to recover following an emergency. 
  • Compliment and not duplicate other Local, Regional and State planning arrangements. 

Supporting information

 This Plan is supported by other important information, including:

  • Management arrangements that contain general information about emergency planning, response and recovery arrangements; and roles and responsibilities of people and organisations involved in emergency management. 
  • Sub-Plans, including hazard specific Sub-Plans, Complementary Plans and Standard Operating Procedures which are to be used during actual emergency events and are designed to be used as stand-alone operational documents. 
  • Appendices that contain ancillary information including a contact directory that lists contact details for all persons and organisations that have a role in this plan, administration details and a list of municipal resources. 

Frankston City Council has responsibility for management of municipal resources and the coordination of community support to counter the effects of an emergency during the response and recovery phases. This includes the management of: 

  • The provision of emergency relief to volunteer services and affected persons during the response phase 
  • Municipal assistance to agencies during the response and recovery phases 
  • The assessment of the impact of the emergency 
  • Recovery activities within the municipality in consultation with State agencies and in collaboration with local organisations. 


 The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) includes representatives from:  

If you have any questions or feedback about the Plan, please use the Send a Request Form to contact us.