Curb or remove graffiti

Report Graffiti to the Graffiti Hotline

The hotline is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • If you are aware of the identity of a graffiti offender, report them to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 
  • If you witness graffiti occurring, call 000. Do not confront the graffiti offender

Managing Graffiti

Council has an extensive Graffiti Management Program which aims to implement strategies to manage graffiti, minimise its appearance and assist Police with the apprehension of repeat offenders.

The program has four key objectives:

  • To educate the community about graffiti management
  • To engage effectively with vandals

  • To ensure satisfactory levels of compliance with legislation and community standards are established and maintained

  • To establish methods and regulations for the treatment of graffiti and guidelines for dealing with graffitists in the community

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is any unauthorised writing or images on property. Graffiti in Frankston City (with exception of the rail corridor) mostly consists of 'tags'. Tags are the signature of a vandal, or crew of vandals, and looks like a scrawl to those outside the graffiti-culture.

Other forms of graffiti are called throw-ups or pieces which are more elaborate forms of graffiti often linked to hip hop culture. Another popular form of graffiti performed in Melbourne is called a stencil.

The management of graffiti is complicated by the contested nature of its definition as either vandalism or art. Melbourne City is internationally renowned for the quality of its graffiti within the graffiti culture and some art circles.

Many people however find all graffiti to be an affront to orderly society. Tags are usually considered to be particularly detrimental to the amenity of an area. Frankston City Council considers any graffiti to be an illegal act of vandalism and works closely with Frankston Police to apprehend vandals.

How Can I Reduce Graffiti?

  • If you have a painted fence or house, keep spare paint available and immediately paint over any graffiti that appears on your fence or house
  • Some surfaces are less likely to be targeted. Vandals usually prefer a solid reasonably flat surface. Fences with gaps such as metal or mesh fences are less appealing as they will not show the graffiti as prominently
  • Become a graffiti removal volunteer by contacting Council's Compliance and Safety Department on 1300 322 322.

Who is Responsible for Removal?

Graffiti Council Can Remove

  • If graffiti appears on your property or a property you are renting, you are responsible to organise its removal
  • You can report any graffiti to Council's Graffiti Hotline, regardless of whether it is on Council land, state land or private property. Council will take steps to either remove the graffiti, or report it to the appropriate authority. However it is important to note that Council cannot remove graffiti from any property without the owner's authority. For this reason, if you have contact with or know the owner please advise the details to Council when contacting the Graffiti Hotline.
  • Graffiti that Council has authority to remove, includes graffiti on Council land and private property (with authorisation from the property owner or following a period after the property owner has been notified consistent with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007)

Graffiti Council Can't Remove 

  • Railway stations, belonging to Metro Trains
  • The rail corridor, belonging to VicTrack
  • Infrastructure at main intersections and roads, belonging to VicRoads
  • Infrastructure belonging to EastLink and Peninsula Link
  • Infrastructure belonging to third parties, such as Telstra, NBN, United Energy

Alternatively you can report graffiti directly to the property owner.

Quick Contacts

  • Frankston City Graffiti Removal Hotline 1800 668 247  
  • Adshel Bus Shelters - Faults / Graffiti / Vandalism (Shelter number and location) 1800 501 402
  • AGL Street Lights - Light Repairs / Replacement (Pole number or location) 131 245
  • Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000
  • Telstra Phone Boxes - Faults / Graffiti / Vandalism (Box number or location) 180 22 44
  • Vic Roads Signs and Traffic Control Boxes - Faults / Graffiti / Vandalism (Box number only 13 11 70

Tips On How to Remove Graffiti

  • Brick-glazed / porous and concrete: Commercial products are available from paint specialists
  • Glass / aluminium: Turpentine, or a liquid cleaner such as 'Jif' may be adequate. If not, use a commercial product
  • Painted surfaces: Use matching paint to paint over the graffiti
  • Unpainted surfaces: Removal from an unpainted fence is difficult and usually requires use of high pressure water equipment