Council Meetings

Council Meetings are currently open to members of the public. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, Frankston Civic Centre, 30 Davey Street, Frankston (entry via Young Street). Council encourages residents to view the meetings via the live streaming site - Frankston City Council on Livestream.

Verbal Submissions

If you have registered or intend to register to speak to an item on the Council Meeting Agenda, speakers have the option of attending the meeting in person or making a verbal submission via telephone. If a speaker will be making a submission via the telephone, officers will make contact and the speaker will be greeted by the Chair who will invite the speaker to make their verbal submission.

Questions with/without notice

If you wish to submit questions with or without notice, the same time frames apply. It is strongly encouraged to submit questions via email or on-line by the specified time frames. If you still prefer to submit these in person, then the forms will need to be placed in the after-hours mail box at the Civic Centre. Questions, including responses may be read by the CEO at the Council Meeting. All questions and responses will be provided in the minutes of the following Council Meeting to which they were tabled. 

Meeting Details & Dates

Frankston City Council meets formally on a regular basis, to consider and make decisions in relation to various items of business. 

Council Meetings 2023

  • Monday 30 January 2023
  • Monday 20 February 2023
  • Wednesday 15 March 2023
  • Monday 3 April 2023

School holidays: Friday 7 April to Friday 21 April

  • Monday 1 May 2023
  • Wednesday, 10 May 2023 (commencing at 6.30pm; Hearing of Submitters)
  • Monday 22 May 2023
  • Wednesday 14 June 2023

School holidays: Monday 26 June to Friday 7 July

  • Monday 10 July 2023
  • Monday 31 July 2023
  • Monday 21 August 2023
  • Monday 11 September 2023

School holidays: Monday 18 September to Friday 29 September

  • Monday 2 October 2023
  • Monday 23 October 2023
  • Wednesday 15 November 2023 (Meeting to elect Mayor and related business)
  • Monday 20 November 2023
  • Monday 11 December 2023

All meetings commence at 7.00pm. 

Location (unless advised differently)

Council Chambers at the Civic Centre
30 Davey Street (entry via Young Street)

Governance Rules

Council meetings are conducted in accordance with Council’s Governance Rules.

Agenda and Minutes

The Agenda for each Council meeting is made available on Council's website approximately four days prior to the meeting. A hard copy of the Agenda may also be collected from the Council offices prior to the meeting, or from the public gallery at the commencement of the meeting.

The Minutes from each Council meeting are published on Council's website following the meeting.

How Meetings Work

Ordinary Meetings (including Planning and Submissions items)

Ordinary Council Meetings are held every third Monday evening commencing at 7:00pm. A typical meeting agenda includes:

  • Councillor Statement regarding conflicts of interest, Opening Prayer and Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners;
  • Minutes of last meeting or meetings confirmed and signed;
  • Apologies;
  • Disclosure of Interest and Declarations of Conflict of Interest;
  • Public Question and Submissions Time;
  • Items Brought Forward;
  • Consideration of Reports of Committees;
  • Consideration of Reports of Officers;
  • Presentation of Petitions and Joint Letters;
  • Delegates’ Reports
  • Notices of Motion;
  • Urgent Business;
  • Items to be dealt with in Closed Council.

Meetings are open to the public unless Council resolves that the meeting be closed to members of the public.  This can only occur if the meeting is discussing any of the following:

            (a)        personnel matters;

            (b)        the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer;

            (c)        industrial matters;

            (d)        contractual matters;

            (e)        proposed developments;

            (f)         legal advice;

            (g)       matters affecting the security of Council property;

            (h)       any other matter which the Council or special committee considers would prejudice the Council or any person; or

            (i)         a resolution to close the meeting to members of the public.

Special Meetings

Special Meetings are held "as required" and deal only with the business specified in the public notice of the meeting.

Public Attendance and Participation at Council Meetings

Meetings are usually held in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, commencing at 7pm (unless advertised otherwise). Public entry to the Chambers is via Young Street, Frankston.

Residents and interested persons are encouraged to attend Council meetings. There is public seating in the gallery of the Council Chamber.

There are opportunities for public participation in the meetings during Public Question Time and Submissions Time – details of these processes are set out below. At other times, it is expected that members of the public will listen quietly and refrain from interrupting the meeting.

If you have any queries regarding Council Meetings, please contact the Councillors Office on 9768 1632.

Question Time

Council encourages members of the public to ask questions of it and has made provision in the agenda of each Council Meeting for Public Question Time. 

Question Time is conducted in accordance with Council’s Governance Rules and Public Submission and Question Time Policy

Please refer to the page linked below further information about Questions with and without Notice:

Submit Question for Question Time

Submissions at Council Meetings

Members of the public can request the opportunity to make an oral submission to Council in relation to any of the issues being considered on the current Agenda, before Council deliberation on the matter. Further information about public submissions at Council meetings is set out in the attached Public Submissions Procedure.

An application to make an oral submission to Council can be made to the Councillors Office by 4pm on the day of the meeting, by using either of the following methods:

Public submissions and any subsequent discussion will be recorded as part of the meeting, and audio recordings of Council meetings are made available to members of the public upon request.  If a submitter does not wish to be recorded, they must advise the Chair at the commencement of their public submission.

Streaming of Council Meetings

Live Streaming allows you to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council decision making and debate and improving openness and transparency.

There are three (3) fixed cameras in the Council Chambers and it is intended that the cameras will only provide vision of the Councillors who are present at the meeting.

Every care will be taken to maintain privacy and as far as practically possible, it is not intended that there be either live or recorded footage of the public or Media personnel, however, there might be incidental capture; for example footage of a person exiting the building depending on which camera is being used at the time, or audio recording of a person who interjects the meeting. Council officers who address Council will be heard on the live audio stream, and audio of them speaking will be recorded.

Archives of meetings will be published on Council’s website generally within three (3) business days after the meeting date for the public’s future reference. Bookmarks for OM02 on 19 February 2018 onwards will be added to meeting recordings to assist in identifying and navigating the agenda items considered during the meeting.  

You can stream the upcoming Council Meeting here


Council meetings are held on a three weekly cycle. The Council Meeting Timetable is set 12 months in advance, usually in December each year.

Councillor Attendance

To view Councillor attendance to Council Meetings and Councillor Briefings please visit our Councillor Attendance and Expenses page.


Contact Us

For further information contact the Councillors Office. 

P. 03 9768 1632

Privacy Statement

Frankston City Council is committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with the Governance Local Law, you are asked to provide your name and contact details when applying to make a public submission or submitting a question. Your contact details will be used to liaise with you about your request. You will be identified by name at the Council Meeting, Special Meeting or Special Committee Meeting as the person making the submission or asking the question. Your name will also be included in the publicly available Minutes for the relevant meeting. Your personal information will only be used and disclosed as authorised by law. For further information about how Council handles personal information, or to request access to your information, see or contact Council’s Privacy Officer on 1300 322 322.