Submit questions for council meetings

Members of the public are encouraged to ask questions of Council during Public Question Time at council meetings.

Question time is conducted in accordance with the Governance Rules and the Public Submission and Question Time Policy.

Question Time Rules

  • A person can ask a maximum of 3 questions at any one Council Meeting.
  • A question may not be read if the person who submitted it is not present in the gallery.
  • The Chair may disallow a question if it:
    • is phrased as a statement, rather than a question;
    • relates to matters outside the duties, functions and powers of Council;
    • is defamatory, abusive or offensive;
    • deals with a subject matter already answered;
    • is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or member of Council staff.
  • Public Question Time is not an opportunity for debating a response to a question or making any other type of public statement.

More detailed information about the Question Time Rules is included in clause 57 of the Governance Rules and the Public Submission and Question Time Policy

Questions With Notice must be submitted prior to 12 noon on the Friday before the relevant council meeting.

Questions Without Notice can be submitted between 12 noon (on the Friday before the Council Meeting) until 4pm (on the day of the relevant Council Meeting).

Submit Your Question Online

An Online Form response allows you to type your question(s) and the other required information and submit them directly to Governance for processing.  

If you prefer to download the form, please see the PDF below and send via email or in person.

          Deliver in person at the Frankston Civic Centre;

          Frankston City Council
         Governance Department
          30 Davey Street


          Send form via email - 

Contact Us

For further information contact the Governance Department.
P. 03 9768 1632

Privacy Statement

Frankston City Council is committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with the Governance Local Law, you are asked to provide your name and contact details when applying to make a public submission or submitting a question. Your contact details will be used to liaise with you about your request. You will be identified by name at the Council Meeting, Special Meeting or Special Committee Meeting as the person making the submission or asking the question. Your name will also be included in the publicly available Minutes for the relevant meeting. Your personal information will only be used and disclosed as authorised by law. For further information about how Council handles personal information, or to request access to your information, see or contact Council’s Privacy Officer on 1300 322 322.