Frankston City Council Planning Scheme

1. Overview

The Frankston Planning Scheme is a legal document approved by the Minister for Planning. It applies to all public and private land in the municipality. However, planning controls differ across the city, so it's important to determine which rules affect your property.

We use the Frankston Planning Scheme to make decisions about planning permit applications.

View the Frankston Planning Scheme

2. Planning Zones and Overlays

When considering the purchase of a property, it is important to find out what planning controls cover the site. This will help you determine whether building or development can be carried out on the land.

If an Overlay covers the property, there may be further restrictions on the land. These may include:

  • design
  • vegetation
  • geology
  • heritage
  • flood levels.

Visit our Planning FAQs page for more information.

3. Individual property information

Visit VicPlan to find information on a property, including planning zones and overlays.

4. Cultural Heritage

You may be required to submit an approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) if your development is:

  • In an area of cultural heritage sensitivity which has not previously been disturbed.
  • Is likely to result in significant ground disturbance as defined under the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007.

A CHMP is a way of protecting and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage, with the involvement of Registered Aboriginal Parties, while allowing development to proceed. It is a written report prepared by a Cultural Heritage Advisor who will carry out an assessment of the potential impact your proposed development may have on Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The report will also include measures that are to be carried out before, during and after your project. Decision-making authorities, such as State or Local Government agencies, will not be able to issue statutory approvals for certain activities without an approved CHMP.

Visit the Victorian Government’s CHMP webpage for more information.

5. Planning Scheme amendments

Visit our Planning Scheme amendments page to learn about the amendment process, or view current and approved amendments.