Managing Council's assets


We provide a wide range of services and infrastructure to over 141,000 residents. Located 40km south of Melbourne, our city includes the neighbourhood areas of Carrum Downs, Frankston Central, Frankston Heights, Frankston North, Frankston South, Karingal, Langwarrin, Langwarrin South, Sandhurst, Seaford and Skye.

Our Council manages more than $2.8 billion in property, infrastructure, plant and equipment on behalf of the community. Spanning across an area of 131km2, these assets support key services delivered across the community, including:

  • road and footpath networks
  • stormwater drainage systems
  • active and passive open spaces
  • reserves and community facilities such as pavilions, kindergartens and maternal and child health centres.

These assets play a key role in promoting health and economic wellbeing across the community.

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is the combination of management, financial, economic, engineering and other practices applied to physical assets. The objective of asset management is to meet the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner, through the management of assets for present and future customers.

An Asset Management Plan is a tactical and financial plan for managing the organisation’s infrastructure and other assets so as to cost-effectively achieve the organisation’s strategic goals in the long-term. It is a written representation of the intended asset management programs based on the organisation’s understanding of customer requirements, existing and projected asset conditions and performance.

Asset Management Strategy

Frankston City Council adopted the new Asset Management Strategy 2020-2024 on 29 June 2020. The Strategy provides framework for the ongoing enhancement of Council's Asset management practices and performance. The Strategy has been developed with the objective of ensuring improved asset knowledge so that future capital and operating investment in Council assets is more effective, and in the best interests of the community.

Asset Management Policy

Frankston City Council adopted its revised Asset Management Policy on 22 July 2019. The Policy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that all Council assets are appropriately managed and relevant to community needs.

Asset Management Plans

An Asset Management Plan acts as a vehicle for communication with customers and other stakeholders. We currently have 5 five asset management plans which are currently in the process of being reviewed with first generation plans to be developed for the other significant asset categories.

All plans will be reviewed and updated every 4 years to ensure they remain up to date, contemporary and reflect of the community needs.

Drainage Asset Management Plan 2019

The Drainage Asset Management Plan 2019 identifies and describes stormwater asset types consisting of pits, pipes, retarding basins and other water sensitive urban design features. Drainage is a key component of Council’s infrastructure, representing approximately 25% of the overall infrastructure portfolio. Drainage infrastructure was valued at an estimated $273M in 2019.

This asset management plan contains detail of the infrastructure; maintenance and management activities; risk considerations and the funding requirements to continue providing the service in the most cost effective manner over a 10 year planning period. 

Building Asset Management Plan 2016

Council has responsibility for some 280 buildings located within the municipality. The buildings support a broad range of community services. They range from ageing standalone preschools, sports pavilions and public toilets to state of the art facilities.

Roads Asset Management Plan 2020

The Roads Asset Management Plan 2020 identifies current and future needs for 705km of local roads managed by Council. This Plan aims to improve Council’s long-term management of road assets by highlighting the funding requirements to manage the local road network into the future.

Open Space Asset Management Plan 2017

The Open Space Asset Management Plan 2017 identifies current and future needs for open space assets including local parks, playgrounds, ovals and natural reserves. This will be of interest to local sporting groups, families, and other groups that use local outdoor spaces for activities.

The plan aims to improve Council’s long-term management of its open space assets by highlighting the infrastructure funding requirements to support the delivery of community services at an agreed level into the future.

Pathway Asset Management Plan 2018

The Pathway Asset Management Plan 2018 identifies current and future needs for over 950kms of pathway assets managed by Council including footpaths and shared paths. This will be of interest to Frankston City residents who use pathways for access, connectivity or recreation.

Works involving Council assets

All proposed works that impact Council assets or infrastructure require a permit or consent. The permit or consent you require will depend on the type of work you are doing.

Visit our Infrastructure permits page for more information.