Building a fence

Do I need a planning permit to build a fence?

A planning permit for a front fence may be required if your land:

  • is affected by any overlays
  • is affected by a covenant restricting front fences
  • has an existing planning permit
  • there is more than one dwelling on the land.

Overlays such as the Design and Development or Significant Landscape Overlays may have restrictions on front fences. The purposes of these restrictions are to protect and enhance the neighbourhood character of an area or protect a significant tree.

Confirm the zoning of your land or if the land is affected by planning overlays by using the VicPlan website or engage the services of a draftsperson, architect or planning consultant.

I want to replace a boundary fence, what do I need to do?

Boundary fencing is regulated at the State level. The Fences Act 1968 (Vic) contains rules about who pays for a dividing fence, the type of fence to be built, notices that neighbours need to give one another, and how to resolve potential disputes when discussing fencing works with a neighbour. 

If you have questions about boundary fences refer to the Disputes Settlement Centre of Victoria website. 

Council is not the regulator for boundary fencing. However, if your land is affected by a certain overlay, you may need a planning permit.

I have a fencing dispute with my neighbour, can the Council assist me?

No, Council is not involved in such disputes. The Victorian Government’s Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria have information on issues and disputes on boundary fencing on their website.

Visit our Fences page for more information.

What is a Notice to Fence?

Notice to Fence sets out your proposal for construction or repair of a dividing fence or other works. You will need to include information on:

  • the line on which the works should be carried out (the boundary line) 
  • the type of works 
  • the contractor 
  • a cost estimate, and 
  • how much neighbours should contribute.

How do I obtain my neighbours details?

We can provide the name and address of adjoining property owners for the purpose of contacting them to construct or repair a fence.

Visit our Fences page for more information.

How much does it cost to apply for a permit?

View the following fee schedules for more information: