Displaying a business identification sign

Do I need a permit to display a sign?

Depending on the zone, type, and size of the sign, certain types of applications do not a require planning permit.

For example, in the Commercial 1 Zone, a business identification sign does not need a planning permit if the total display area of all signs to each premises does not exceed 8sqm.

Signage in a Residential zone or for a home based business must not exceed a display area of 0.2sqm without a planning permit.

Do I need to submit plans for a planning permit for signage?

You will need to submit plans drawn to scale detailing the proposed signage. The plans must include dimensions of the sign, details of the sign’s graphics and any illumination and details of how the sign will be erected. A site plan detailing the location of the sign and any other signs to remain on the site must also be submitted.

A full, current copy of the property’s Title must also be submitted with the application (available from Landata).

Is my application eligible for VicSmart?

Applications to construct or put up for display a sign in an industrial zone, commercial zone, Special Use Zone, Comprehensive Development Zone, can be lodged as VicSmart if:

  • The sign is not within 30 metres of land (not a road) which is in a residential zone.
  • The sign is not a pole sign, a sky sign, a reflective sign, internally illuminated sign, floodlit sign, electronic sign or animated sign.
  • The display area of the sign does not exceed 10 square metres.

How much does it cost to apply for a permit?

View the planning services fee schedule for more information.