What are planning zones and overlays?

Zones are applied to ensure land is assigned for particular use. This may include:

  • residential
  • industrial
  • commercial.

The zone description in the Frankston Planning Scheme also contains information relating to land uses, subdivision of land, construction of new buildings and other changes to the land. 

The planning scheme map may show that a piece of land has an overlay, as well as a zone affecting it. 

An overlay applies another layer of planning controls to a parcel of land. Not all land has an overlay and some land may be affected by more than one overlay. If an overlay applies, the land will have some special feature of interest, such as a bushfire risk, heritage building, significant vegetation or flood risk. The overlay information will indicate if a planning permit is required for the construction of a building or for other changes to the land.

You can check the zones and overlays that apply to your property at VicPlan.