Community Satisfaction Survey

Community Satisfaction Survey 2023

The Annual Community Satisfaction Survey will run through May and June 2023, with 800 residents to be surveyed face-to-face on the performance of Council and its delivery of services amongst other issues. Results of the survey will be available in September.

Community Satisfaction Survey 2022

The annual Community Satisfaction Survey measures the perceived importance of Council’s services and facilities to the Frankston City community. The survey helps Council to identify current issues that matter to residents and whether residents believe Council is meeting these needs. The survey also measures community perception of key issues, such as safety, traffic and parking, and measures any perceived change in our overall performance.

Results are used during our annual budget planning and help us to develop plans and policies that best meet the community’s needs. The survey was conducted by an independent social research company, Metropolis Research, with 803 households over May, June and July in 2022. This year the survey moved from telephone interviews to personal face-to-face interviews.

As part of Council’s annual reporting, the survey ranks and measures a range of Council services. Some significant top results this year were:  

  • Conditions of sealed local roads 73 per cent - up 4 per cent.
  • Community decisions 71 per cent - up 12 per cent.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy 71 per cent - up 16 per cent.
  • Consultation and engagement 69 per cent - up 10 per cent.
  • Overall governance and leadership 71 per cent - up 10 per cent.
  • Council’s performance in maintaining trust and confidence in the local community 71 per cent - up 7.5 per cent.

Read the full 2022 Community Satisfaction survey(PDF, 9MB)

Or watch the Community Satisfaction Survey results video.