Electoral Wards

Frankston City consists of three Wards:

Online Map - Wards and Councillors

North-East Ward

Includes Carrum Downs, Skye, Sandhurst and also includes parts of Frankston North and Langwarrin.

1 Nathan Conroy
2 Suzette Tayler
3 David Asker

North-West Ward

Includes Seaford, Karingal, and also includes parts of Frankston, Frankston Central Activity Area, and Frankston North.

1 Kris Bolam
2 Steven Hughes
3 Sue Baker

South Ward

Includes Frankston South, Langwarrin South, and also includes parts of the Frankston Central Activity Area, Frankston and Langwarrin.

1 Brad Hill
2 Claire Harvey
3 Liam Hughes