Car Parking

Car Parking in Frankston City

The majority of on-street parking in Frankston City is free. Time limits apply in some locations and are signed accordingly. Paid parking and time limits do apply in Frankston's city centre and Foreshore areas.

Car Parking at Frankston Arts Centre

You can apply for a parking permit for the paid parking area under the Frankston Arts Centre. Fees apply.

City Centre Parking Changes

The Victorian Government's Young Street Improvement Project is near completion, with two-way traffic access and kerbside parking again available.

VicRoads have advised that the return of bus operations to Young Street are currently on hold and we will be advised of any changes.

From early morning on Tuesday 31 October, the following changes will be introduced to on-street parking.

Beach Street (between Young and Olsen Streets)

  • The temporary Taxi Only Area will revert to one-hour parking and include a new one-hour Disability car park

Young Street (Directly opposite Frankston Train Station)       

Limited parking will be available, including:

  • Three five-minute spaces
  • One one-hour Disability space
  • Four Taxi spaces   

Young Street (Between Ross Smith Avenue and Beach Streets)

  • Five 20-minute spaces will be available in front of shops
  • Three one-hour car parks will be available on the station side

Young Street (between Wells and Playne Streets)

  • The temporary Taxi Only Area will remain

Wells Street (Young Street end)

  • Two temporary Loading Zones will remain

Nearby Parking Changes

  • There may be some minor changes to parking at the site of the Skye/Overton Road Level Crossing
  • Chisholm is making every effort to ensure there will be no loss of parking spaces during the course of their building works 
  • Along Young Street between Playne Street and Wells Street

For detailed information about works, traffic information and parking, visit the VicRoads website:

Williams Street, Frankston

Due to the extension of Frankston Hospital car park, new arrangements have been introduced for parking.

Forty on-street car parks on the north side of Williams Street, between Yuille Street and Foot Street, have been allocated to hospital staff permit parking for Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm. Thirty 3-hour car parks are available to general public parking.

Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits may be issued to residents in streets where parking restrictions apply. 

Eligible residents are entitled to a maximum of three Residential Parking Permits per household and a maximum of two Residential Parking Permits per unit.

Any Residential Parking Permit issued is only valid for the street named in the Permit.  Residential Parking Permits are not valid in any other location and do not allow the Permit holder to park in prohibited spaces.  The Permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space for the Permit holder.

Permits are valid for 12 months and must be renewed at the end of the 12 month period.  Permits cease to be valid on the expiry date, or on change of residence of the Permit holder, whichever occurs first.

The Residential Parking Permit must be placed in a clearly visible location on the passenger side of the vehicle’s dashboard and be clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

Every Residential Parking Permit and the renewal of the Permit must be applied online via the following link.

Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold Card Holders

If you have a Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold Card you may be entitled to a free parking permit.

Parking on Nature Strips

Under State Government law it is illegal to park on a grassed or landscaped nature strip without a specific exemption, and it is each Council’s responsibility to enforce this law.

The State Government introduced these rules to protect nature strips and the infrastructure located underneath them; and to ensure the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles, particularly when exiting driveways.

If you believe there is a lack of access to on-street parking at your property please contact Council’s Infrastructure Team on 1300 322 322 to discuss potential solutions.

More information on the Victorian Government’s Road Safety Act::

Report Illegal Parking

Report illegal parking to Council via:

Parking near the Civic Centre

If visiting the Frankston City Council's offices, there is a selection of parking area's with various time limits.  Please note the parking area immediately behind the Civic Centre requires a Parking Permit. 

Report Faulty Ticket Machines

Please report faulty ticket machines to Council on 1300 322 322.

Please Note

All parking time limits and rates are correct at the time of publishing and subject to change without notice.

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