Ask our Business Concierge

Our Business Concierge is a free service to help guide you as you start or grow your business. 

We know that navigating through Council can be difficult and businesses may need one or more permits to start operating. 

The Business Concierge can help with: 

  • providing information to help open or expand your business 
  • understanding which permits you will need 
  • completing and submitting these applications 
  • connecting you to a business mentor
  • offering advice on other aspects of running your business.  



Step 1.Submit an enquiry

Fill out the online form with some simple information about your business.

Submit an enquiry 

Step 2.What happens next?

The Business Concierge will be in touch with you within one business day.  


Step 1.Call the Business Concierge

Contact Council on 1300 322 322 and ask to speak to the Business Concierge.  

Step 2.What happens next?

If you're not able to reach the Business Concierge, they will return your call within one business day.