Detox Your Home - Household Chemical Collection

Detox your Home Mobile Collection Events

Household chemicals can be dangerous – they can harm your family and your pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and pollute the environment.

Detox your Home is a safe, FREE and easy-to-use service to dispose of common household chemicals, such as solvents, poisons and cleaning products. Simply register online, turn up on the day with your unwanted items - and we’ll do the rest.

Accepted items

Visit the Sustainability Victoria website or call 1300 363 744 for a full list of accepted items.

The chemicals collected are recycled or used for other purposes wherever possible. What can’t be recycled or used is safely stored into secure landfills in accordance with Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Victoria requirements.


There are Detox your Home mobile collections held each year. Upcoming collections include:

  • Frankston City Council – Saturday 4th June 2022 at the Frankston Regional Recycling & Recovery Centre (FRRRC) at Skye.

  • Knox City Council – Sunday 15th May 2022 at the Knox Operations Centre, Knoxfield

To keep up to date about upcoming events near you, click on the link below and sign up to the Detox your Home newsletter.

The Detox Your Home mobile collection service is made possible through local councils and the Victorian Government.


Registration is required to manage the traffic flow and avoid queues on the day, which means you can get in and out quickly.

P. 1300 363 744

How to store household chemicals

To help keep your family, pets and the environment safe, ensure your household chemicals are stored correctly prior to disposing of them at a Detox your Home event.

Visit the Sustainability Victoria website to find out how to store small amounts of household chemicals.

If you’re moving and/or don’t have room to safely store these chemicals at home until Detox your Home resumes, some commercial service providers may accept your items. Contact Sustainability Victoria on 1300 363 744 for more information.

Frankston Regional Recycling and Recovery Centre

Unlike the Detox your Home mobile collection service, FRRRC cannot accept toxic household chemicals. However, less toxic items such as light globes and tubes, batteries, motor oil and paint can be dropped off at FRRRC. Charges apply for some items.