Go paperless

You can now receive your rates notice via email. 

Register online

Step 1.Prepare your documentation

Please make sure to have your eNotices reference number ready to complete your registration. You'll find this reference number on your latest rates notice.

Step 2.Register through our online portal

You will need to create an account through our online eNotices portal, using your email address and eNotices reference number. 

Register now

Note: You will no longer receive your paper based notices. 

Step 3.Confirm your registration

A validation code will be sent to your via email. Click on the validation link to confirm your account and set your password.  

Step 4.What happens next?

Once your registration is complete, your rates notice will be emailed to you according to Council's annual rates notice schedule. You can login into the eNotices portal to view your notice online at any time.