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Thank you for your interest in Frankston City Council's 2020/2021 major event season.  The season's events include:

Applications Now Closed

Applications for our 2020 – 2021 events season have now closed.
Any queries please contact the events department on 1300 322 322.

For upcoming event opportunities please register for our event supplier database.

Join our Event Supplier Database
Register to the Frankston City Council Major Events mailing list and be updated with upcoming event opportunities.  
Please follow the appropriate link as per your organisation category.
When creating an account ensure to remember your password as this will be used for the event applications.

Food and Beverage Vendor[
Commercial Stallholder
Community Stallholder
Market/Craft Stallholder
Licensed Vendor

If you don’t believe you fit into any of the above categories please call the events team on 1300 322 322 or email us at

Selection Criteria

We get a number of applications for these events and as such, all applications will be assessed and ranked as part of our selection criteria. Selection criteria includes:

  • Priority given to suitable businesses based in the Frankston City Council municipality or surrounding municipalities.
  • Prior performance. Prior performance is taken into consideration if you have been involved in Frankston City Council events before.
  • Relevance and suitability to the event. A breakdown of each event requirements is below.
  • Benefit to and/or interactivity with the community at the event.
  • Distribution of opportunities across providers and provider types over the season and previous events.
  • (For food vendors) Food checker menu assessment. All vendors are required to submit a menu assessment to be eligible. Council is working towards Healthy Food choices at events. (more information below)
  • (For performers) Quality of performance or offering based on the web links provided. 

New Policies

The Waste Wise Events and Healthy Choices Policies are now applicable to all Council run major events. See Frequently Asked Questions - Healthy Choices and Waste Wise Events Policies.

Waste Wise Events Policy

Frankston City Council has adopted a Waste Wise Events Policy (3MB) to help minimise waste and litter at our events. We can all reduce waste and litter by avoiding single use items (including all plastic bags, polystyrene food and beverage packaging) and balloons. See Waste Wise Events Flyer (98KB).

Healthy Choices Policy

Council is committed to enabling a healthy municipality where people thrive and have the best opportunity to make healthy food and beverage choices. The Healthy Choices Policy introduces a Council-wide healthy choices food and beverage standard to increase supply of healthier options at all Council settings, services, and programs. This includes all Council run major events where food and beverages are sold with the intention to be reasonably consumed on the event site. 

All exhibitors selling food and beverages are required to submit a FoodChecker menu assessment, from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) website. The PDF document provided from the menu assessment will provide you with a percentage of green, amber and red items, which will need to be added into the application. The expression of interest will only be considered for food and beverage exhibitors if a completed assessment is submitted.

Healthy Choices - Food vendors tips and tricks. See 10 Quick Tips and Tricks for Healthier Choices for Food Vendors at Events (248KB).

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