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My Address helps you find information about Council's facilities and services which are close to you - including details about bin collections.

How to use My Address

Type in your address and find out all there is to know about what's near you as well as your building area is, the year your house was constructed, who your local Councillor representatives are and more.

There is also information about where your nearest primary, secondary and preschool is, plus animal free roam area, material and child health centers, senior citizen groups, swimming pools and more.

You can also access an aerial photographic view of your house.

My Address is loaded with information that is up to date and relevant to you.

Computer Requirement and JavaScript

JavaScript is required to use My Address. If your computer does not have JavaScript activated or does not support JavaScript, My Address will not function.

If you have difficulty using, or are unable to access My Address, please contact Frankston City Council on 1300 322 322 or

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