Free Roam and Prohibited Areas for Dogs

Daily walks are very important for maintaining a dog's healthy weight and helps the owner keep fit too! Frankston City Council has over 30 free roam areas for dogs in parks and reserves across the municipality.

"Free Roam" areas are open spaces where dogs can be taken off leash to exercise. Dogs must be fully supervised by owners. Bins are provided at most Free Roam locations for disposing of "pooper scooper" bags.

Owners of dogs should ensure that they have a plastic bag or acceptable item to clean up after their dogs as failure to do so can result in an infringement being issued.

Frankston City Council has a number of designated reserves called Free Roam Areas where dogs can be exercised off leash, provided that they are under effective control of the owner, this includes a 24/7 off lead area on the beach near Keast Park.

Some conditions apply at certain locations as signage indicates. Free Roam Area brochures are also available from Council.

Prohibited Pet Areas

Dogs in Public Places

A dog owner is not permitted to walk their dog off the lead in a public place other than in a Council designated Free Roam area.

Council receives many complaints about irresponsible dog owners walking their dogs off leash particularly in Reserves such as Sweetwater Creek, Seaford Wetlands, Kananook Reserve, Frankston, Langwarrin Equestrian Centre and Seaford Foreshore.

The concerns also are about the Baxter trail and the new Peninsula Link trail.

Authorised Compliance Officers do conduct regular patrols of these areas and penalties may be issued to offenders.

Frankston City Centre

Dogs are permitted in central Frankston, provided they are on lead, registered, wearing their registration tag and you are carrying a device to clean up any dog waste. Failure to do so can result in an infringement being issued.

Selected Reserves

Due to the sensitive nature of the City's natural reserves, it is necessary to prohibit cats and dogs from the following reserves:

  • Bunarong Park
  • Casuarina Reserve
  • George Pentland Botanic Gardens
  • Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve
  • Studio Park

Cats are prohibited within the following reserves. While dogs are allowed to enter these areas, they must be under the effective control of a leash and must remain on the constructed footways:

  • Kananook Creek Reserve
  • Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve
  • Seaford Foreshore Reserve
  • Seaford Wetlands Reserve
  • Sweetwater Creek Reserve  

Beach Access and Frankston City Centre Animal Access

For more information on beach and city access please go to the Beach and City Access page.  

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.