Lost and found pets

Council’s animal management service collects lost and injured cats, dogs and livestock found within the municipality.

Found animals are taken to The Lost Dogs Home who provide pound and rehoming services on behalf of Frankston City Council.

The Lost Dogs Home 
920 Thompson Road, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977
03 9702 8055

Tips for locating lost animals

The RSPCA has advice for help you find your pet as quickly as possible. Some tips include:

  • create flyers and display them around your area 
  • post a photo and description of the animal on Council and community social media pages
  • if you have another pet take it with you on your search - it may attract your lost animal 
  • place an ad in your local paper
  • phone vet clinics and local pounds 
  • search 'dog attractive areas' such as parks, reserves, bushland and the beach 
  • stay positive 
  • make sure your animal is microchipped and contact Council to keep your details up-to-date.  

Lost a pet

Step 1.What you can do

It is always recommended that you contact your local shelter and search the area for your pet. As a pet owner, it is your legal obligation to identify your lost pet at the pound facility.

Step 2.How Council can help

If our officers pick up your pet and it's wearing its registration tag, is currently registered and has no history over the past 12 months then, under our Return to Home policy, our officer has the discretion to contact you and arrange the return of your pet.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date by contacting us. If you haven't heard from Council's animal management service, please contact The Lost Dogs Home

If you don't think your pet was wearing its registration tag, the Lost Dogs Home keeps a list of dogs and cats that have been found. 

Step 3.Who else can I contact?

Your animal can be picked up by another organisation or even a neighbouring Council. See the Places to contact tab to find out where you can call for information.

Found a pet

Step 1.What you can do 

If you find a lost pet, please note down the number on the registration tag if it is safe to do so. You can then contact us and we will attempt to locate the owner for you. 

Step 2.How Council can help

There are a number of reasons why Council is the best first point of call for lost pets, including: 

  • Council keeps records of pet details, including history and can work with owners to help resolve re-occurring issues  
  • Council can help ensure the dog goes to the correct owner 
  • posting on a ‘lost pets’ page may not be seen by owners who don't have social media 
  • English is not always the first language of pet owners 
  • some breeders will reclaim their former animals to re-sell
  • roaming pets are at risk of being attacked by other animals
  • some animals need medications and keeping them overnight can put their health at risk
  • Council’s priority is the safety of the community, including pet safety 

Step 3.Found a deceased pet

If you have found a deceased animal on a road or nature strip, please contact a local vet or call us on 1300 322 322.

Places to contact