Free roam, on leash and prohibited areas for pets

Frankston City has many free roam and on leash areas for dogs. There are also areas where pets are prohibited.

When exercising your dog in parks and reserves it’s important that they are fully supervised, meaning: 

  • you carry a plastic bag and pick up after your dog (bins are provided at most free roam locations) 
  • always keep your dog on lead, unless in a designated free roam area
  • keep your dog away from garden beds and playgrounds 
  • avoid any sporting events or other community activities while in progress 
  • carry a leash in free roam areas and keep your dog under control to make sure they are non-threatening. 

If you can't control your dog in these situations, then you can not take your dog off its lead, even in a free roam area. You can teach your dog to obey your voice or hand control by practicing in a private enclosed area. 

Please note: Greyhounds are not permitted off-lead, including at council off-leash areas.


View the map for free roam, on leash and prohibited areas for pets in Frankston City. Zoom in and click on locations for more information about each space. 

Cat free areas in Frankston City

Cats are prohibited from the following reserves:

  • Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve, Langwarrin
  • Bunarong Park, Frankston
  • Studio Park, Langwarrin
  • Casuarina Reserve, Frankston
  • Paratea Reserve, Frankston
  • George Pentland Botanic Gardens, Frankston.
  • Seaford Wetlands, Seaford
  • Seaford Foreshore Reserve, Seaford
  • Sweetwater Reserve, Frankston
  • Kananook Reserve, Seaford 
  • Pines Forest Flora and Fauna Reserve, Frankston.

Fully fenced free roam areas

  • Melaleuca Reserve - Langwarrin
  • Ballam Park
  • Telopea Reserve - Frankston North
  • Sandfield Reserve - Carrum Downs
  • McClelland Reserve

Please note: Greyhounds are not permitted off-lead, including at council off-leash areas.

Keast Park beach access for horses

You must have a permit to ride or exercise a horse at Keast Park. You may be issued with a penalty infringement notice if you:

  • do not have a valid permit  
  • are in breach of the permit conditions.

Call us on 1300 322 322 for more information. 

Pets in Frankston City centre

Dogs are allowed in central Frankston if: 

  • they are on lead and under your control
  • your pet is registered and wearing their registration tag  
  • you are carrying a device to clean up any dog waste.  

Failure to do so can result in an infringement being issued. 

Prohibited reserves for pets

To help protect the sensitive nature of the city's natural reserves, cats and dogs are not allowed in: 

  • Bunarong Park 
  • Casuarina Reserve 
  • George Pentland Botanic Gardens 
  • Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve 
  • Studio Park 

Cats are prohibited in the following reserves: 

  • Kananook Creek Reserve 
  • Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve 
  • Seaford Foreshore Reserve 
  • Seaford Wetlands Reserve 

Dogs are allowed to enter these areas only when they are on lead and on designated footways.

Summer beach restrictions

The summer beach restrictions for dogs start on 1 December and end on the 31 March each year. 

This means that you can not take your dog(s) on any beach (excluding the Keast Park off lead area):

  • between 9:30 am and 7:30 pm
  • during the months of December to March. 

Dogs are permitted on the beach before 9:30 am and after 7:30 pm if they are under the effective control of a chain, cord or lead. 

Please make sure to carry a plastic bag or similar item with them to clean up after your pet. Failure to look after your pet responsibly can result in an infringement being issued.