Responsible pet ownership

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary care to keep your pet(s) safe and healthy. You must also be aware of your obligations and be considerate of other residents while sharing public spaces. 

As a responsible pet owner you must:

  • microchip and desex cats and dogs over 3 months of age
  • register your pets with Council
  • display pet registration tags when outside of home
  • secure your animal(s) at all times within your property
  • keep your dog on lead when in public
  • use voice or hand commands to control your dog when in designated free roam areas
  • clean up animal waste

People can legally object to:

You can be fined and taken to court for serious or repeat offences. 

Visit the Local laws for pet owners page for more information about your requirements as a pet owner. 


Part of responsible pet ownership is to make sure animals receive full vet care. This includes providing your animal with regular:

  • worming medication, including heart worm
  • flea treatment
  • yearly booster immunisations. 

Please note: Vaccination certificates are not required to register your pet with Council. Vaccination certificates are not accepted as proof of desexing.

First 15 Forever Furry Friends

All 15 animals for program launched at Pet’s Day Out 2023 have now been adopted

First 15 Forever Furry Friends

Council’s annual First 15 Forever Furry Friends program, incentivises Frankston residents to choose to adopt their new pet.

Frankston City Council covers the adoption fees and first-year registration cost for the first 15 animals adopted from The Lost Dogs’ Home.

First 15 Forever Furry Friends:

  • Council covers the adoption fee from the Lost Dogs Home and waives the pet registration cost for the first year (pro rata)
  • Includes any cat or dog adopted from The Lost Dogs’ Home’s adoption centres located in Cranbourne or North Melbourne.
  • Adopted animals will be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Who is eligible?

  • Residents of the City of Frankston who will register their animal to a property within the municipality
  • Standard Lost Dogs’ Home adoption policy and procedures will apply

Visit for more information about The Lost Dogs’ Home and to view animals currently up for adoption.

Dog attacks

You are legally and financially responsible for all damages if your dog threatens or attacks another person. 

Visit our Dog attacks page to learn more or to report an attack.

Discounted dog obedience training

Council offers a discount to pet owners who participate in obedience training for their dogs.

Eligible residents will receive a 50% reimbursement on their total fee with an approved training organisation (conditions apply).

For more information please see the Fact sheet(PDF, 638KB) & Application Form(PDF, 587KB).

Cat curfew

Frankston City Council has a cat curfew in place between dusk and dawn. This means you must keep your cat within your property boundary at night. We recommended that cats be secured to your property at all times.

Your cat can be kept:

  • in your yard where the cat is unable to leave your property boundary
  • inside your property
  • in a suitable cat enclosure

You can visit the DELWP website for information on cat enclosures and cat proof fencing.

Confining your pet to your property

Confining pets to your yard helps keep local wildlife and the community safe.

Council's cat curfew requires cats be secured to their property between dusk to dawn.

Dogs, and other pets, must be secured to their property at all times. This means your yard must have an escape-proof secure fence and a closed gate. Visitors to your home must be able to enter your property safely, without being stopped by your dog.  

Summer care

To keep them safe during summer months, your pet needs: 

  • cool, shady areas in your house or backyard 
  • cool drinking water - try some ice blocks in their water bowl 
  • pet sunscreen is available for pink noses prone to sunburn
  • up to date flea and tick treatments
  • walks in the early morning or evening to avoid burning their paws.

Pets die in hot cars 

During warmer months, leave your pet at home rather than alone in a car. 

Cars heat up very quickly, even on mild days. It takes less than 6 minutes for an animal to suffer severe heat exhaustion in a car and die.

Pet Licence 101 online quiz

The Lost Dogs Home encourages new pet owners to conduct the Pet Licence 101 online quiz. 

This free educational tool teaches prospective pet owners about:

  • dog and cat welfare
  • responsible pet ownership  
  • the local government requirements of owning a pet.

Take the quiz now

Pet Exchange Register

If you plan to sell or give away a dog or cat online, you will need to visit the Pet Exchange Register (PER) website .

The PER generates a unique source number which you must display in all advertisements. This source number is required when microchipping a dog or cat born after 1 July 2020.

It is an offence to advertise animals without:

  • a valid microchip number
  • Pet Exchange Register source number

To register or login to the Pet Exchange Register, please visit the website below:

Pet Exchange Register

If you have any questions, please call the PER project team on 136 186 or email

More information

If you have any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a pet owner, or wandering or nuisance animals call Council on 1300 322 322.

Visit the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) website or the Animal Welfare Victoria website to learn more. 

Contact local pet organisations through the State Government's Responsible Pet Ownership Program.