Multiple pets require permits

If you keep multiple pets or birds, you may need an excess animal permit. You also need to register all dogs and cats with Council before applying. 

When you need a permit

You will need an excess animal permit to keep the following animals:

  • more than 2 cats
  • more than 2 dogs
  • more than 4 rodents (rats, ferrets, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs)
  • more than 30 birds
  • more than 8 poultry (ducks, geese, hens)

The maximum number of dogs or cats you can keep is 5, regardless of your property size. If you need to keep more for breeding or rescue purposes, you must hold a planning permit

Excess animal permits are not transferrable. They apply to the specific owner, property and animals listed in the application. If you move or the animals at the property change, you must submit a new application and pay a new permit fee. 

Please call Council on 1300 322 322 for advice.  

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