Welfare in Emergencies

Emergencies can happen at anytime, however there are steps pet owners can take to prepare themselves and their pets for unexpected events such as flood, fire or evacuation. By taking these steps now, you may reduce your stress during a difficult time and possibly even save your pet's life.

The three key points to surviving any emergency are:

1. Forward planning
2. Practice
3. Self reliance

Animal owners and carers have a 'duty of care' to plan and provide for the needs of animals in their charge. Accidents or unexpected illnesses to yourself, family or friends can suddenly require you to be away from home for many days.

Pet owners can not expect the police, hospital staff or animal welfare agencies to make emergency arrangements for your pets.

Planning for and Responding to Emergencies

View the related links to assist you with a 'Plan of Action' for your animals in an emergency.

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.