Capital Works Projects and Information for Contractors

Infrastructure Permits and Applications

Apply for permits and other services related to Council roads, drains and assets.

Asset Protection

Apply for an Asset Protection Permit

How to apply for an Asset Protection Permit and Asset Protection Bond Refund.

Building over an Easement

Apply to Build Over an Easement

You must apply for approval to Build over an easement in your property.

Consent to Build on Flood Prone Land

Apply to Build on Flood Prone Land

A detailed plan of the proposal must be submitted to Council for approval.

Corner Fence Dispensation

Apply for a Corner Fence Dispensation

All proposed fences that are to be constructed on a corner require Corner Fence Dispensation from Council.

Road Management

Apply for a Road Opening Permit

A Road Opening Permit is a permit for digging or excavation within the road reserve (this includes the nature strip, footpath, kerb, channel and street).

Information for Contractors

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit

Property owners must get a Vehicle Crossing Permit when planning to remove, change or upgrade an existing crossing or to construct a new vehicle crossing.

Indigenous Garden Seedlings

Apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit

A Nature Strip Planting Permit is issued by Council to residents who wish to beautify and plant on the nature strip directly outside their residence.

Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge

Apply for a Drainage Tapping Permit

A Drainage Tapping Permit is required whenever there is a proposed new or alternative pipe connection to a Frankston City Council stormwater discharge point.

Specifications for Civil Works

Apply for a Drainage Inspection

You must apply for a drainage inspection whenever undertaking works on Council drainage assets

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