Standard Drawings for Civil Works

The Standard Drawings for Civil Works can be viewed, downloaded and printed from this site. All drawings are presented in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).

There are more than 40 standard drawings that will take some time to download and print. As an alternative, a full set of Standard Drawings can be purchased from Frankston City Council for $50. This set can be kept as a master copy and updated by downloading and printing only those drawings that have been revised. Standard Drawings for Civil Works will be updated from time to time as required, without prior notice.

You can view a history of updates including the date of the revision and the drawing number(s) below. It is the responsibility of interested parties to keep their master copies of these documents current.

Frankston City Council no longer provides copies of standard drawings with contract documentation. It is the contractors' responsibility to obtain and maintain up-to-date copies of the standard drawings.

Frankston City Council will not be responsible for any loss or penalty incurred by any party who has failed to maintain up-to-date copies of these documents.

To view, download or print a Standard Drawing of the relevant Plan number:

Traffic Management

Fencing and Landscaping

Update history

  • D001 Initial Installation
  • D002 Complete re-installation
  • D003 Revised Index, SD 211, SD 601
  • D004 Revised Index, SD 205, 208, 209, 210, 211, 214, 215, 230
  • D005 SD 311, SD 611
  • D006 Revised Index, SD 208, SD 214, SD 230, SD 235
  • D007 Revised Index, SD 330
  • D008 Revised Index, SD 320
  • D009 Revised SD 310
  • D010 Revised SD 350
  • D011 Revised SD 320
  • D012 Revised SD 207
  • D013 Revised SD 215
  • D014 Revised SD 350
  • D015 Revised SD 350
  • D016 Revised SD 310
  • D017 Revised Index SD350
  • D018 Revised SD320
  • D019 Revised Index, SD216