Strategies and Guidelines

Carbon Neutral Action Plan

In 2008, Council approved a plan to achieve a Carbon Neutral status by 2025. The Carbon Neutral Action Plan replaces the former Greenhouse Strategy. Council's Carbon Neutral Action Plan was adopted by Council in May 2012. It sets out Council's target of zero nett emissions by 2025, and includes a range of actions across council operations and community support.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Plan

Frankston City Council has adopted the 'Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Plan' to help Council and community facilitate action and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Council's Policy outlining our commitment to Environmental Sustainability and demonstrating leadership and best practice in partnership with our community. 

ESD Standards for Council Buildings

Council’s ESD Standards for Council Buildings sets environmental performance targets for all Council building projects, beyond the minimum requirements of the Building Code of Australia. The ESD Standards for Council Buildings was adopted by Council in April 2015.

Greening our Future - Frankston City's Environment Strategy

Council's 10-year municipal-wide Environment Strategy which provides a framework for Council and community actions in protecting the natural environment and using resources in a sustainable manner.

Integrated Water Action Plan

The Integrated Water Action Plan 2016-2026 was adopted by Council in June 2016 to enhance Council’s strategic and practical approach to integrated and sustainable water management. It focuses on actions that Council can deliver to achieve integrated water management outcomes for the municipality over the next 10 years.

Street Tree Master Policy

This is a strategic plan to improve the quality and quantity of street trees, aiming to vegetate most of the nature strips in the city with canopy trees within 15 years.

The Street Tree Management Policy was developed to provide a framework for making structured, consistent and environmentally sound management decisions for all Council-owned or managed street and roadside trees.

Vegetation Study

A municipal-wide assessment of native vegetation on areas of land greater than .5 hectare. This data will form the basis of the Environmentally Sensitive Overlays in the Frankston Planning Scheme.

Waste Minimisation and Management Plan

The 5-year Waste Minimisation and Management Plan guides Frankston City Council towards best practice in waste minimisation, management and recycling services. The Plan includes key actions, targets and initiatives to support our local community in reducing costs, enhancing resource recovery and reducing waste to landfill.

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