Development Engineering Plans


Engineering plan assessments play an important role in town planning applications. Issues relating to stormwater drainage, flooding, roads, traffic, parking, lighting and other Council infrastructure are assessed.

Your engineering plans must be prepared by an appropriately qualified Civil Engineering consultant. This design process ensures all developments and subdivisions can be constructed so they do not negatively impact the existing infrastructure.

Designs for new residential estates are also assessed to confirm they meet current Australian Standards and Council policies, ensuring the best design and construction methodologies are used.

Frankston City Council will be introduced a fee for all Development Engineering Assessments and Approvals on 1st July 2021. These fees will be applied to all plans submitted on or after 10th September 2021.

When do I need to submit plans? 

Frankston City Council will only review your Engineering Plans after:

  • Your development Town Planning Permit has been issued and your Condition 1 plans have been endorsed by Town Planning. If Engineering plans are a Condition 1 requirement, the plans need to be directed to the Planning department together with the rest of the Condition 1 Plans.
  • You or your design consultant have completed the downloadable Development Design Checklist and Declaration(PDF, 760KB)

How much does it cost?

All engineering plan approval applications incur a fee. The fee charged depends on the type and size of the development and is reviewed annually. 

Development Type Fees 2022/23
Small – Up to four residential units/dwellings  $360.00
Large – Five or more units/dwellings, industrial/commercial.   $825.00
*Please note all fees are Non-GST  

Amendments to approved engineering plans

When a previously approved design requires amendments, Council may charge an additional fee.

If significant design changes are proposed to approved designs, council will apply the full plan checking fee.

How do I apply? 

Your application must include:

  • One copy of full set of the engineering plans drawn to scale.
  • One copy of onsite detention system calculations, including breakdown of how the system achieves the minimum detention storage and maximum permissible site discharge.
  • A copy of soil percolation report, if a Soakage system is nominated by Council.
  • If required, one copy of Storm Rating Report that reflects the details of WSUD elements within engineering plans.
  • If required, one copy of MUSIC Report that reflects the details of WSUD elements within engineering plans and shows compliance with stormwater quality targets.
  • If Melbourne Water drainage asset was nominated as the legal point of discharge on the legal point of discharge or planning permit, one copy of Melbourne Water consent letter.

Download and complete the Development Design Checklist and Declaration(PDF, 760KB) and email it to Council via

Once the plans have been received you will receive an email with a link to pay online.

What happens next?

Condition 1 Plans will be endorsed by Council’s statutory planning team.

The applicant or consultant submits the following information to

  • A completed Checklist for Development Engineering Plan Approval.
  • Engineering design and computations meeting Council’s requirements.
  • Any other supporting documentation as required.

Council will send you an acknowledgment email confirming receipt of your application.

Under Section 15 of the Subdivision Act 1988 and Regulation 30 of the Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2011, Council may take up to 28 calendar days to approve, specify alterations, or refuse the application.

When approved, you must ensure all requirements stated within the approval letter and approved drawings are met.

More information

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