Road reserves and vehicle crossings

What is a road reserve?

A Road Reserve in a local street is made up of a Council managed road, nature strip and footpath. It may also include a vehicle crossing, kerb, channel and street.


Works in a road reserve

All works in a Road Reserve that is managed by Council (other than general maintenance such as mowing, weeding, picking up litter) require the approval of Council.

To see a listing of what roads are Council managed please see our Road Management Plan.

You will need to apply for a road reserve permit to carry out works. You may also need to submit a Traffic Management Plan before commencing works.

What is a vehicle crossing?

A Vehicle Crossing is the Council approved access point into a property from the property boundary to the street. 

Each property is permitted to have one (1) access point into their property, for further information please see Council Specifications for Vehicle Crossings(PDF, 61KB).

Although a Vehicle Crossing is built on the road reserve, it is the responsibility of the property owner to provide a properly constructed crossing that allows vehicle access to the property from the road.

The property owner is responsible for the construction, maintenance and cost of a Vehicle Crossing.


Works involving a vehicle crossing

If you are planning to remove, change or upgrade an existing crossing or to construct a new vehicle crossing you will need to apply for a vehicle crossing permit from Council.