Nature strips

A nature strip is the strip of public land between a property boundary and the adjacent kerb or street. A nature strip is usually grassed with one or more street trees and may contain water, sewerage, gas, power or internet beneath them.

They also provide:

  • an area for waste collection
  • access for service personnel including postal and maintenance staff
  • open space to allow clear viewing lines for pedestrians, vehicle traffic and cyclists at intersections and driveways
  • a soften effect for hard surfaces such as the road, footpath and driveway and allow for the growth of street trees.

If you are a resident or property owner, it is your responsibility for the upkeep and presentation of a nature strip. This may include: 

  • mowing lawns for aesthetic presentation
  • weed control
  • blowing or sweeping to remove leaf litter or debris.

Council's role in maintaining nature strips is outlined in the Road Management Plan. Common reasons we may take remedial action on a resident's nature strip include: 

  • street tree maintenance and inspection including pruning of roads, footpaths and electrical lines
  • inspecting weed or grass that may be a fire hazard (higher than 500mm)
  • clearing of weeds or grass that may impact trafficable envelope requirements for paths and roads
  • pruning vegetation effecting line of site for traffic.

Residents may also apply for a permit to plant within their nature strip.