Owner-builder for domestic works


If you wish to be an owner-builder for domestic works exceeding $16,000 (including labour and materials), there may be additional requirements for your building permit application. These may include:

  • Owner-builder certificate of consent
  • Owner-builder acknowledgement form
  • Domestic Building Warranty Insurance.

Do I need a certificate of consent?

You do not need an owner-builder certificate of consent if:

  • the total cost of work is $16,000 or less
  • the building work does not relate to domestic building work
  • a registered building practitioner has been engaged to oversee all the work
  • you are carrying out the work in accordance with an emergency order, a building notice or a building order made under Part 8 of the Building Act 1993.
  • The owner of the property is a registered architect, the Director of Housing or a builder with authorisation to carry out the proposed works.

How do I get a certificate of consent?

You can obtain an owner-builder certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Visit the VBA website to view the owner-builder checklists or lodge an application.

Do I need to submit an acknowledgement form?

In addition to a certificate of consent, you will need to submit an owner-builder acknowledgement form with your permit application.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend contacting an Insurer to arrange for appropriate Construction Insurance prior to commencing work to ensure people are protected when working or visiting your site.
If you have engaged a registered builder to carry out the works, the builder will provide both you, and Council, a copy of the insurance.
Depending on the type of work, you may need to provide a copy of the insurance with your building permit application.