Tree Maintenance Program


Council is creating attractive, healthy and safe streetscapes and parks by maintaining and protecting trees. There are more than 65,000 street trees and more than 450 different species across the city, providing habitat  for numerous species of animals, shade for our community and increasing the value of nearby properties.

Council has a routine cyclic maintenance program in which each tree under Council’s responsibility is inspected every two years. As a result of these inspections, trees may be pruned or removed in line with Council’s Street Tree Management Policy.

In addition to this policy, Council has obligations under the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations (2020) to maintain street tree clearance from overhead electrical conductors. 

Tree Management Program updates

Tree Management Program Updates

Council conducts street tree maintenance across Frankston City in an ongoing two-year cycle, including trimming trees from power lines and footpaths and improving tree health.

All vegetation maintenance works is required to be carried out in compliance with the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulation 2020. These regulations stipulate a minimum safe clearance between trees and power lines, to keep re-growth clear of power lines.

During March and April tree maintenance will be undertaken in Zone 6 and 17, Frankston and Carrum Downs.

Maintenance will include clearing trees from power lines uplifting tree canopy over roads paths and removing poor form or condition trees.

For more details, or information about when your neighbourhood area works will be conducted see map and timetable;

New tree plantings

Council carries out an annual tree planting program. The aim is to have a street tree in front of every property where the location is suitable. The tree species will be guided by the Street Tree Master Plan 2006 and will consider the suitability of the tree for the specific site conditions.

The planting season runs from May to September each year. The newly planted street trees are maintained for their first year to help them establish including watering from October to May and formative pruning. Then they come under the regular two year maintenance program.

To assist Council in caring for your new street tree, a bucket of water twice a week in warm weather and once a week in mild weather can almost double the growth rate of your tree.

Request a new tree

Trees and development

Frankston City Council requires new developments to consider and adjust designs to accommodate street trees.

Under some circumstances, Council may agree to the removal of a street tree under its Guidelines for Tree Removal for Private Development.

If approval for removal is granted an invoice for the relevant amount will be issued.  Following receipt of payment, Council will arrange for the tree's removal and replacement planting.

If a tree is to be retained, tree protection will be required around the tree. Tree protection is to be established prior to any works commencing on site and maintained until works are completed.  All tree protection is to comply with the Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

View our request tree removal for private development page for more information.

Electric Line Clearance Plan

Council has obligations under the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations (2020) to maintain street tree clearance from overhead electrical conductors. A 2 year cyclic program of inspection and works to clear trees from wires to Regulation is outlined below.

Report a tree issue

You can help by reporting tree issues such as overhanging branches and fallen trees to Council.

Report a tree issue