LED street light upgrade

In August 2021, Frankston City Council completed a $1.73 million LED street light upgrade across the Frankston municipality by replacing 6,960 street lights on residential roads with energy efficient LEDs.

The new LED lights provide a higher quality of light, last longer and are up to 55% more energy efficient than the T5 fluorescent lights they have replaced.

The LED lights provide better lighting outcomes through:

  • greater uniformity of light across and along the street
  • better colour and visibility
  • less loss of brightness over time
  • less glare and light pollution (directing the light to where it is needed, illuminating the immediate surrounds and reducing light spill).

Premier s Sustainability Awards - LED Bulk Street Light Project - Photo 3 by Mark Calleja Permission for Council Use.jpg

The project is expected to save Council and ratepayers approximately $4 million over the life of the light fittings in electricity and maintenance costs. These savings can be reinvested into other important community services.

The new lights have a longer life and are expected to last up to 20 years. The old lights were deconstructed and recycled.

The project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8,912 tonnes over the next 20 years (446 tonnes annually), significantly reducing the City’s carbon footprint.

Council was successful in securing a financial rebate through the Victorian Government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades program for undertaking the project. Including the $394k rebate, the project cost was reduced to $1.3 million and the estimated financial payback to 5.5 years.

To coincide with this project Council signed up to a 4-year contract sourcing 100% renewable energy through GreenPower® for its remaining street light electricity usage, making this a net zero emissions initiative.

This project is a key action of Council’s Towards Zero Emissions Plan (2019-2023) and is an important project supporting Council’s climate emergency response and target to be carbon neutral (net zero emissions) by 2025.

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