Local laws for pet owners

You must be aware of your responsibilities as a pet owner and follow the local law requirements. Council’s Compliance Officers have the power to enforce local laws related to animals. 

Animal owners in Frankston City must follow the guidelines established under Community Local Law 2020(PDF, 690KB), including: 

Confining your animal to your property

Legally, you must confine your animal to your property. 


Dogs can only leave their registered property if they are under effective control with a chain, cord or leash. There are designated free roam areas in Frankston City where dogs may be exercised off leash.


Cats must remain on your property during the designated cat curfew, between dusk and dawn. Cats found wandering during the curfew risk being collected by other residents or Council. 

Trapped and roaming cats

Council has a cat curfew in place between dusk and dawn. Council’s Parks and Natural Reserves Officers are responsible for regular cat control on Council Reserves. 

Residents can request to hire traps for feral or stray cats on private property. Call us 1300 322 322 for more information or to arrange a trap.    

Contact us to arrange collection of trapped cats. Authorised officers are available between 8:30am and 9:00am, Monday to Friday. We do not collect trapped cats (unless with prior arrangement) on:

  • weekends
  • public holidays  
  • after 3pm Monday to Friday. 

Domestic Animal Management Plan (2020-2024)

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Vic) all Victorian councils must prepare an animal management plan every 4 years. 

Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) outlines the services, programs and policies which Council has established to address and manage domestic animal issues in the community. 

The Plan shapes our strategy to address animal management within Frankston City for the next four years. It identifies how Council currently addresses animal management and helps us develop ways to improve current practices and set new guidelines for future plans. We will review the Plan on an annual basis as needed.

Download the Domestic Animal Management Plan (2020-2024)(PDF, 2MB)