Environmental publications

Council provides a number of free publications to assist our community to look after and enjoy our natural environment.

Community gardens

Community gardens are a community space where people get together to grow fruit and vegetables and learn about gardening. Some people have their own plot and others share a garden bed.

Natural reserves

We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of natural reserves within the Frankston municipality, providing a diversity of habitats not only for indigenous wildlife but for our international visitors, the migratory birds. A reserve is also a precious place for people, where we can escape the stresses of modern life and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature. They are priceless places of recreation and inspiration for the local community.

Sustainable gardening

Sustainable gardening is about maximising the benefits and reducing negative impacts to our natural environment.

Gardening enriches the environment in many ways. For example, if we plant local plants we provide food and shelter for birds and butterflies. By conserving water in the garden we help maintain our water storages and by composting our household and garden organic waste we reduce the amount of waste material going to landfill which reduces the amount of greenhouse gas produced. If we purchase products made from renewable resources for the garden, we can help to protect our old growth forests and river ecosystems.