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Jubilee Park Kevin Collopy Pavilion Refurbishment

Council are proposing to undertake refurbishment works on this pavilion to include female-friendly change rooms with associated amenities.

Conceptual design work in conjunction with the relevant clubs has been completed and now awaiting feedback from stakeholders.

Pat Rollo Reserve Pavilion Development

Pat Rollo Reserve Pavilion currently accommodates Frankston Pines Junior Football Club, Frankston Pines Football Club (overflow use), Frankston Pines Cricket Club and Auskick.  The existing facility is more than 40 years-old and consists of a combined social and change room area with attached kitchen and toilets. The existing pavilion is in need of significant upgrade to support female use, achieve current building code requirements and meet Frankston City Council sports development plan objectives.  Portable change rooms are currently brought in during the winter season to service the clubs.

This project will deliver a new pavilion at Pat Rollo Reserve which will include:

  • Two female friendly change rooms with supporting amenities
  •  Separate social rooms
  • First aid room
  • Two umpire change rooms with supporting amenities
  • Kitchen/kiosk
  • Meeting rooms

Key dates

Design work is underway with construction subject to external funding.

Eric Bell Reserve Pavilion Development

The current pavilion was redeveloped a number of years ago. Whilst the redevelopment has improved the facilities it no longer meets the needs of the clubs.

The proposed new pavilion will explore opportunities to provide:

  • Female-friendly change rooms to cater for growth in women’s sport
  • Community social room
  • Meeting room
  • Change room
  • Storage
  • Public toilets
  • Kiosk
  • First aid room and office on the ground floor. Public toilets will also be located within the new pavilion to cater for all park users
  • Umpires rooms

In consultation with the relevant stakeholders a schematic design has been completed to construct a new 2 storey pavilion (demolish the existing).  Discussions are still underway amongst stakeholders to finalise the design.

Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion Redevelopment

The existing as it’s in poor condition and has significant building compliance issues therefore there is a proposal to build a new replacement which will provide:

Female friendly change

  • Additional change rooms
  • Multi-purpose community function room
  • Kiosk
  • Umpires rooms
  • First aid room
  • Meeting room

This new pavilion will also allow the inclusion of a new public toilet incorporated within the pavilion.

Key dates

Design will be completed by mid-2019, with works to commence subject to external funding.

Belvedere Bowls Club Extension

As a result of increased participation in sport, design work was undertaken to investigate a proposed extension to existing club rooms at the Belvedere Bowls Club.

Council is seeking to call a tender for the construction contract in July 2020, and aiming to start the construction in November 2020. 

Lloyd Park Netball Pavilion

Located at the entrance of Lloyd Park, Lloyd Park Netball Pavilion is out of date and no longer meets the functional needs for the club.

The new extension for the Netball Pavilion will provide additional change rooms and amenities to compliment the recently completed netball courts. The upgrade of this facility will assist to attract more locals to enjoy this national sports.

Council are currently applying for state government funding to progress this project

Lloyd Park Football Pavilion

Lloyd Park comprises of three ovals including the Junior Pavilion which was recently constructed. And the existing Senior Pavilion which is in poor condition.

The Lloyd Park Senior Pavilion will be constructed over existing pavilion site, with new public amenities and carpark and it will provide new multipurpose facilities to support local communities on both sports activities and events usage.

Lloyd Park Senior Pavilion is at concept design stage with 3M Government funding support, and subject to Council budget approval. Expected total cost will be over 6.5M.

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