Rate capping

Rate capping was introduced by the State Government in 2016. It prevents Council from collecting more rates revenue than the annual rate cap without seeking additional approvals. 

The amount each property owner pays is calculated based on the value of their property. This means some rate payers will pay less than the rate cap, others will pay more.  


For more information on rate capping visit the Essential Service Commission website.

Rate cap amount

The Rate cap for 2022-2023 will be 1.75%. In comparison, the previous rate caps (based on CPI) have been: 

 Rate cap (%)
Year  Amount 
2017-2018 2.00%
2018-2019 2.25%
2019-2020 2.50%
2020-2021 2.00%
2021-2022 1.5%
2022-2023  1.75%

Effects of rate capping

Each year, your rates help to fund construction, maintenance and services in our community. Rate capping may restrict Council’s ability to deliver new initiatives and major projects in the future. 

You can find out more about What your rates pay for.