Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion officially opens

Published on 29 July 2022

Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion ribbon cutting

The new $3.9 million Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion at Frankston North was officially opened on Thursday to the excitement of members of the Frankston Pines Soccer Club. 

The Pines have enjoyed an abundance of good news this year thanks to these new facilities, the Club’s promotion to Division 2 and an announcement by Victoria’s Multicultural Affairs, Community Sport and Youth Minister Ros Spence on 28 July for an additional $630,000 in mixed funding for lighting upgrades.  

Ms Spence said that the World Games Facilities Fund provides $2.6 million for seven community football infrastructure projects across Victoria.  

“Terrific news for Monterey Reserve and the Frankston pines Soccer Club is that this includes $315,000 in investment right here for lighting upgrades to Monterey Reserve. And better still, the state government investment is being matched by Frankston City Council, so that is a $630,000 investment in lighting which will make a huge difference,” Ms Spence said in reference to the 100 lux lighting to pitches 1 and 2 and 50 lux LED lights to pitch 3.  

She said, “That means more training and competition games for this passionate club, both day and night, and no doubt it is going to draw more members to the club.”  

The lighting will further upgrade the new pavilion which now provides for female-friendly facilities and disability access. It also includes four change rooms and attached amenities, a multi-purpose community function room, a kitchen/kiosk, umpires rooms, a first aid room and a meeting room and new public toilets incorporated within the pavilion.  

The creation of the new facilities was thanks to $3.3 million from Frankston City Council and $600,000 from state government. 

Mayor Nathan Conroy said, “We are delighted to be partnering with the state government all the way. We have the biggest ever capital works budget this year ($91.6 million) and a third of it is thanks to the state government.”  

The Mayor pointed to the upgrading of Frankston North with the opening of the Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion, following Pat Rollo Pavilion and sod-turning soon to begin on Eric Bell Pavilion.   

State member for Frankston, Paul Edbrooke MP, said “it is a great time to be living in Frankston” thanks to the investments being made by state government in the region.  

“We’ve had more money invested in Frankston in the last seven years probably than in the last 40 or 50.” 

He added, “It has been such a good partnership with local council. As far as I’m concerned and from what I hear, we may have the best and strongest partnership between levels of government and Frankston has a lot to show for that.”  

Member of the Legislative Council, Lee Tarlamis, said the investment into the club will “grant so many opportunities to so many”, and his sentiment was shared by Frankston Pines Soccer Club Treasurer Stephen Spencer. 

“We’re going to have a lot of fun here,” Mr Spencer said. “We’re about to win the league. We have three games to go.”  

Cr Sue Baker and Council CEO Phil Cantillon also attended the opening, along with former mayor Colin Hampton, Frankston Pines Soccer Club President Lee Davies and many lifelong club members and representatives of the Fijian community who use the Club.