Artist captures raw, inner emotion in Faces exhibition at Frankston

Published on 27 July 2022

Faces Exhbition

Cameron Howe’s abstract figurative artworks are an unplanned translation of raw inner emotion onto canvas.

“Detail is dotted, paint is scored and cut to create depth and texture, which collectively creates a distinctively original, bold and often vibrant aesthetic.

“Acrylic paint is layered, often cut back with an iPod, ruler or pen, creating texture then reapplied and the process repeated.

”My debut solo exhibition, Faces, features 11 pieces – highlighting spontaneity of thought and feeling, which has been refined through Open Exhibition opportunities with Cube 37 Gallery, between my early and late 20s thanks to the support of Visual Arts Officer Milla Dakovic and Frankston Arts Centre.

“Frankston Arts Centre’s Open Exhibitions pushed me to invest in getting works to a commercial standard, rather than throwing down the brush, and have given me my start in art with exposure,” Cameron said.

He added: “While I am not a trained artist, I come from a family of creatives and my childhood was dominated often daily by my mother’s concert piano pieces being played for up to five hours.”

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Business with majors in Management and Marketing from RMIT University, and has written for a range of independent publications.

He was elected to Kingston City Council as a Councillor in 2020 with a primary vote of 43 per cent, where he now sits on the Arts and Culture Committee.

See the Faces exhibition at Frankston Arts Centre’s Atrium Gallery until 22 October. For more information, please click here or phone 9784 1060.